Your EMC 2013 New Year's Resolutions!

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  1. This is a thread to say your EMC resolutions for the year 2013. Here are mine:
    1) Finish my Geo-Domes (res 1254)
    2) Finish my Emerald Factory (1134)
    3) Get 1,000,000r at some point
    4) Get a total of (At least!) 32 dragon eggs.
    5) Get a total of (At least!) 2 stacks of beacons.
    Yes, you heard right. 2 stacks of beacons and 32 dragon eggs. As in this:
    beacons and dragon eggs.JPG
    (As you might be able to tell, I am a very ambitious trophy collector.)
    So what are your EMC 2013 new years resolutions? Share them Here!
  2. Get 100k and finish my shop completely.

    When I log on have somebody buying from my shop
  3. 1. Get 1 million rupees.
    2. Start my own wild camp.
    3. Get supporter.
  4. 1. Get at least 75k
    2. Finish hotel
    3. Get another beacon
    4. Make sure everyone is happy :D
  5. good luck with #4. :D
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  6. Get a steady supply of rupees.
  7. 5mil in a few weeks - 10mil by the end of Q3 :)
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  8. Finish my park.
  9. 1. Get Crazy1080 and my shop up and running (Res 404 - Smp1)
    2. Get 500,000 rupees
    3. Steal my brothers position as moderator
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  10. Actually get stuff done on time.
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  11. Same x10
  12. Remake my shop with Schematica (thanks AlexChance :D)
    Make a casino with my brother
  13. What for? xD
  14. Haha you told me you were playing with Schematica for your new mall.
    I hope you won't mind my next mall's design; it's quite similar to yours using glass and light grey wool. I'll show you it so you agree it isn't to similar to yours. :)
    EDIT: Similar as in exterior similar, haven't started interior yet :p
  15. Lol okay, start a PM
  16. Will when I'm finished design. Thanks
  17. Dw just send a screenshot of current
  18. You know you're determined with your goals when you quote the fiscal quarter you expect them to be completed by.

    Also, my goals:
    1) Help L0tad fully complete the Gangnam Project.
    2) Found the New Republic in the SMP7 Wild, again with L0tad.

    Nothing else I can really think of...
  19. End of 2013 gives me too much time :p