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  1. What is your dream?

    Dream: 1 of 2 things. I would really like to work in bio level four at USAMRIID (People call it "The Institute"). This means I would have to take of all my clothes, rings, glasses, and even underwear. I put on surgical scrubs, Put on a space suit and step through an ultraviolet light to enter. This also means at some point I might hold Marburg, or Ebola in my hand. Yeah a lot of doctors working in there go insane and have dreams at night of Ebola running through their space suit glove, running in their glove, feeling the bloody matter that contains the worlds 2nd most deadly pathogen... That is part of what excites me to do it =). Or work for Doctors Without Borders. When a Marburg outbreak, or an Ebola outbreak happens, they send a special team to work in that area. They also send people all over the world to help with general health issues, such as Malaria, or Food Poison. I could easily do both, and be in the Infectious Disease teams in WHO or MSF... CDC Doesn't sound like my thing. Any questions?
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  2. Become president.
    Of the entire world.
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  3. In the process Build lava walls around America, huh?
  4. Um.

    Be more confident *I have social anxiety*.
    Get good GCSEs.
    Get a girlfriend.
    Get good A levels.
    Start my own business in the gaming industry.
    Get married.
    Have kids.
    Have grandkids.

    All in that order :p

    It probably for the best ;)
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  5. Study Electrical Engineering and Business Management, get a job at Rolls Royce(the jet engine one) to get some good experience. Then, from there, I honestly have no idea :p
  6. World peace :D
    Something maybe more easy to acquire - but potentially even harder to achieve - get someone to know Christ. Because about all of my close friends are not christian, and maybe most of them didn't ever choose against Christ, but just didn't really think about it until now or don't know who he is.
    So that has been a dream of me, I don't know how I would do it though.
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  7. Yeah I thought I could do some temporary work as a missionary if i worked for Doctors Without Borders. =)
  8. Open record label
    Start radio station for said label
    Use said label to build media empire
    Use said media empire to broadcast the message of peace and to protect the environment to people
    Do my part in changing the world to save the environment though said media empire

    Idk after that, sound immature, meh.
  9. if the word count max on here wasn't 1000, i would post the "I have a dream" speech :p
    My dream is to become a computer graphic designer and possibly work for some big name companies such as google, apple or a big name video game company.
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