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  1. So i thought it was fun how somebody always is complaining about how unstable windows is, that you always have to do restarts and get bluescreens.
    This is my current uptime for my computer, it basically havent been restarted since i installed windows 8.

    (Yes its over 116 days ago and still going strong :p)
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  2. so, all the security vulnerabilities released in the past 116 days works against your PC... ;)
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  3. Both my computers are now up for about 7 hours, and will be doing another 2-3 hours. I always shut them down, because the fans are a little loud (7 and 8 years old lol). Maybe, when I build my gaming PC I get really silent fans, so I can game at night without my parents knowing :p (whoops my screen is too bright)
  4. yeah, i have been on the lazy side with the updates, 82 pending updates...
    i do have malware and antivirus updated tough.
  5. Hey allen, download this file and run it! Its fine ignore the part that says hack. :p
  6. dont think updating windows will help my ignorance of clicking on bad links...
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  7. I'm at 57 days of uptime currently. Before that was at just over 5 months. Never had a single problem with leaving it on that long. I do turn it off about every 4-5 months but never for more than a day because i fear that if it's off longer it will get used to it and rebel against me :p
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  8. Oh, I love that language:p
  9. Windows 8 happens to be my favorite OS as well, although I shut it down every day after im finished with it so I don't accumulate background processes, and to save my electric bill ;)
    The only time I have gotten a blue screen on windows 8 was when I tried to run a game I coded myself :p
  10. Wait, I do not understand it anymore. Do you mean your computer has been on for more than a day? Like, power on? :eek: (Don't hate on me if I misunderstand you)
  11. Older versions of windows would require restarts any time software was installed or updated or when os conf changes were made. Often, if you had several changes, you had to restart between each change to ensure that things would install properly. It was hell, I have noticed that the windows 7 machines at work are a good bit more stable and I hope that windows 8 is building on that trend, But a proper unix system can run for years without a hardware reboot, it's a much more stable kind of platform.

    Blue screens are almost always faulty hardware, memory or non conformant device drivers in my experience. Windows will sometimes seem to be working and then fail during more intensive processes, memory or drive errors, etc.. Unix, Linux systems on the other hand are designed to refuse junk hardware, so you rarely get a chance to start at all with faulty parts, Apple stuff is also more specific/picky about hardware selection and therefore very stable/reliable.

    For many many years, Windows was installed/sold on all manner of junk hardware and used by the most computer illiterate groups of users (generally of course). Plus crackers and virus developers just like to target easy prey. It all adds up to a perfect storm of failure and a poor reputation for the OS, which was based on "Dirty Operating System" (DOS) in the first place.
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  12. yes, my computer have stayed powered on for almost 118 days now, without restarts. i do turn off the monitor tough. electricity is relatively cheap, about 8 US Cent/kwh