YOUR 2019 New Years Promises!

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Was 2018 a good year for you?

Yes! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Somewhat, not the best, not the worst 9 vote(s) 64.3%
No 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Worst year of my life 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Its been a great year, a fast one indeed, although I am going to have to say 2016 was the fastest year for me :)

    Lets cut to the chase, every year we all make New Year's resolutions and then break them within the next day. That's why gyms are full for the first month of the year but empty for the rest ;)

    Exactly 1 year ago you thought "Huh, this year I'm GOING to keep my promise and push myself, I AM GOING TO DO THIS!" Well... 2 months later and now you're binge-watching the same Netflix show for the 20th time while you're covered in Doritos... Don't lie, I know you do it!!!

    So, even though you're more than likely to forget your promise, I suggest you share them with the rest of us! Here, I'll go first with a list :D
    • Heavily cut down on social media usage
    • Get serious with music and guitar, spend at least 4 hours on it per day
    • Do my homework and STUDY (I've been saying this since grade 6)
    • Watch what I'm eating.
    • Be nice and considerate of others more often (;))
    • Be a year closer to reaching my life goals.
    Well, that list perfectly lists me and my situation, what about you? If you're currently focusing hard on something related to improving your health or your body, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
    Same with any other thing, but I know health improvement is a huge resolution with everyone!
    Have a blessed and a Happy New Year! Let 2019 be better than the last year!
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  2. I technically started in August, but I'm continuing to work on eating healthier and working out.

    In addition to that, I'm focusing more on being more comfortable with myself the way I am, and building my confidence in face-to-face interactions. 2018 already saw a lot of improvement in this area and I'm looking forward to stepping out of my shell a little more around people I don't know in order to expand my friend group and build my social skills.

  3. Tip from someone that actually did this: Just do it. Then go people watching. The sights of people stressing like mad over an exam in your class, a paper due, or finals in general, makes it not only very comical (as it's easily avoidable 99.999% of the time), but motivates you to stay ahead because you've seen how much it sucks from the other side.

    It's kinda like eating the best candy ever, then finally turning over the label because you feel the need to be responsible and finding out it's solid lard (pig fat for the uninitiated).

    Anyways, mine. My problem is that I have a ton of them, but I work full time now so time is a much bigger factor these days. So I've got it down to 4. :)

    • Get back into running and cycling (abandoned it due to life a couple years ago, that needs to change)
    • Get my own place to call home - year long venture that'll start rolling in early January.
    • Get more organized at work and at home. I've made strides here in 2018, especially with the purchase of a duplex scanner, but still have a very long way to go.
    • Actually start writing that non-fiction book I've been talking about for a couple years. Doesn't have to be finished, but it just has to be started.
  4. I have done this occasionally throughout the past few years. I can talk to someone face-to-face fluently when I'm not insecure about myself.
    The year 2018 was one of those years I honestly wanted to end. I lost motivation to live again and even address my detrimental problems.

    So many things of my interest have been announced or are highly anticipated to come in 2019 or later.

    To name a few, they are: "Minecraft 1.14 - Village and Pillage," Minecraft 1.15, Pokemon Generation VIII, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes, Metroid Prime 4, Bloons TD 6 (Steam), and of course:

    Empire Minecraft 1.13
    Update Aquatic

    I also have not bought a Nintendo Switch yet, despite the masterpiece games it has gotten already.

    As my New Years Resolution for the now 2019, I want to start my first ever real-life job which, "won't involve video games," and bring meaning back into my life.
    A simple act you readers can do for me is to give and show support. Private message me here or in-game, invite me to collaborations, show people what I am capable of!

    - Happy New Year.
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  5. Hmmmmmmm. Here's a few things that come to mind first:
    1. Maintain 4.0 (or above) GPA.

    2. Stay more organized, both irl and in-game. Actually writing down what I need to do rather than trying to list everything out in my head.

    3. Improve interactions with people irl/talking on the phone. This is something that has made me really anxious for a while now, but I know it will be better for me if I can work through it. At one point within the last couple years I considered just not talking anymore, and writing to communicate instead.

    4. Improve at writing, programming, building, and drawing. These are four things that I love to do, and I always enjoy getting better at them!

    5. Further my dancing skills. While professional dancing is not what I want to go into later in life, I wouldn't mind teaching it either later in high school or college. I dance around 13hrs a week from August-December, and around 8.5hrs each week from January-May. :)

    Good luck with your goals, everyone! Keep on going until you achieve them. :D
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  6. Mine's easy

    1. Expand music tastes beyond what I listen to already
    2. Make an EP by the end of the year
    3. Don't commit not alive
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  7. Hmm.. I'll get back to this.
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  8. Oh ok,

    1.spend less time on technology

    2. Play more sports more Waffles

    4. Build stuff in game that I really wanna build

    5. Meet new friends

    6. Play less video games (this will be a though one)

    7. Meet new friends IRL

    8. Support all the wonderful people on emc

    Good luck to all the people that participate in this event
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  9. Ok. I normally dont make them but here goes.

    1. Quit working
    2. Get back to the gym
    3. Play more EMC

    And I do like you suggestion of watch what you eat... i normally do .. as it heads to my mouth.

    Prosperous New Year All !

    * in progress
    * complete
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  10. Its the first day of the new year and I'm already slackin'
  11. Cool, I just made my 2019 resolutions list! Here's some specific ones:

    • write 2,500 words of poetry
    • read 15 books (Goodreads challenge)
    • hit 25,000 words for [a piece of writing that I've been working on] (we're at 14k at the start of 2019!!)
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