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  2. That's what I told her earlier today!!! My heart is still beating rapidly! :eek:
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  4. You don't understand how much that scared me. This is the supreme jump-scare (well, maybe not a jump-scare... ;))
  5. Recommendation:

    Just because it's quiet and difficult to hear, doesn't mean you have to blast the volume!
  6. Too late.... Is it bad, that I watched it, and then turned it up LOUDER?!?!?
  7. oh cool
  8. XD
    Everyone in my house is asleep, I'm pretty sure I just woke em up XD
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  9. am i the only one who saw that coming?
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  10. Best not to have the volume on max when watching videos.
    -\_(' ')_/-
    The more ya know for next time.
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  11. I am SO not sober right now nor do I have any clue what this movie (I assume) is all about. All I could think of when seeing this is "that girl looks cute" (keeping it family friendly). She also looks young, but alas, lets not go there.

    Man... Cena, you ruin everything you dope! Bah. Brock Lesnar has you number nub, first ruining WWE when ruining movies..

    Have you guys seen Bo Dallas "verses" Brock Lesnar? OMG.. that had me laughing SO hard.. "All you got to do is BOlieve!" (I love that catchphrase tbh; I think Bo makes an awesome heel. He's cool!).

    Obviously Brock disagreed.

    OMG, that Heyman... Holds up 4 fingers (Bo went to suplex city 4 times). Raises the obvious five, raises his shoulders, raises an eyebrow. 5 looks better obviously.. Brock goes back into he ring, suplexes Bo one more time (he's already unconcious story wise).

    I really, really, REALLY, want it to be Cena next time. Cena is nice, Cena is kinda cool but he's too 'hulk like'. If Ryback can reach out to kids, why the Cena kid stuff.

    So yeah.. This scarred me! :p

    (pun,pun pun!).

    brrrrrrroock. leeesssssnaarrrrr!

    (sorry,had to)
  12. Even after seeing the comments and watching the video earlier on mute, this was pretty much my reaction the first time I watched it at (fairly loud) volume:
  13. I was just stunned by the weirdness of the video and how it scared me.
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  14. Well, my mom was vacuuming when I saw this, so I watched this on max volume with headphones. Let's just say I can't hear the vacuum anymore.
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  15. John CENA ALL THE WAY WOOT WOOT i love this i didn't actually get scared hmmmmmmmm but hahahha

  16. John Cena Can relate to the shrek is like videos.
  17. There is a marine in need of your help, and his name is JOHN CENA!!!!!!!! *doot doot*
  18. I knew it. I have developed a sixth sense for videos involving this man. Love it.
  19. I dont know how to describe that.....just wow.