You found another Wish lamp!

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  1. Ban banned players. Because they are TRAITORS!
  2. I wish to ban all

    They smell bad.
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  3. I laughed so hard when I saw that.
  4. you were definitely following me...
  5. I wish to ban people that ban other people.
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  6. Grats! you banned yourself! :D
  7. Capture.PNG See this? you click this instead of saying "hah hah".
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  8. you want to ban the mods?
  9. image.jpg
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  10. No not the mods lol :p
  11. I wish to ban the use of this so-called 'Wish Lamp'.
  12. I wish to ban all pie lovers, and all spud lovers will be royalty.
  13. I wish that all potatoes will never be peeled again!
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  14. only moderators,senior staff and admins can ban, gold members cant , hawkeye
  15. wat.jpg
  16. I wish for cupcakes to never be created! Muffins shall rule! THEY SHALL RULE!
  17. Ban mob heads. They have no chocolate on it, nor not made out of muffins, it doesn't even have donuts on it.
    I like donuts more than muffins though. Who doesn't like donuts?

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  18. i wish to ban all enraged Creepers!! enraged skellies and zombies can stay but omg please ban those evil enraged creepers!! oh and ban those nether hounds too!!! the boss mobs can stay too i guess :oops: