You found another Wish lamp!

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  1. As you rub the lamp, a genie with green robes appears.
    "Aloha mortal! I'm the green genie who can ban any type of food, animals, tress, I can pretty much ban anything! But you must tell me a reason why to ban him/her/that! I now want to hear your wish!"

    Make a wish or he will ban you.
  2. Ban Aikar *same joke as always* Naw! For the sake of the economy!
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  3. No dragon tombs for EMC then. Good job.
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  4. I wish to ban poverty .
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  5. I wish to ban squids - they have no use other than ink.
  6. I wish to ban coconut trees!
  7. Ban imBobertRobert! He's such a jerk to me!
  8. I wish to ban lag. We can all guess why.
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  9. I wish to ban all wishes.. THREAD OVER :)
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  10. But, what will the genie do then? He can't live without a job D:
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  11. I wish to ban sadness.
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  12. The genie can burn in hell :)
  13. What if... Ban Banning?!??!?!
  14. We should ban hackers.

    Oh wait, that's already happened.
    Ban rupees.
  15. Let's Ban chickens and chickeneer!

    Er, let's ban all the haters! :D
  16. I wish to ban the three Colorado wildfires! There's over 20 destroyed homes now. I'm not near them, but I can smell the smoke and see the haze. And there's one near the Royal Gorge bridge. :confused:
  17. Lets ban Wi-Fi... Wait no...
  18. Let's ban the genie.
  19. I wish to ban Taylor Swift, my sister is obsessed with her music and its really annoying >.>
  20. Lets ban all the bad people! Yay!