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  1. Freedom, human rights, democracy, open society and free market - this is not "my way." This is a very well know way I do advocate. It is the "American way" par excellence.

    I think it is the best way, and I'd like to see EMC community develop and prosper. I'd like EMC to be the best (MC) community. That would make me happy, that would make me want to tell everyone about it.

    Well, first I thought that to ban someone permanently because of fly mod would be like death sentence for speeding. Then, it seems (I did not check) that these bans were not permanent, and on the other side "cheating is cheating."

    Well I do advocate tolerant and gentle social intercourse and mild punishment for first time offenders. If the offense is repeated, well then, fly hackers can fly away...

    Who is "us"? Why do you think so? Guilty of what? Please explain?
  2. Any reason why this wasn't just a reply to the other thread?...
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  3. He's trying to attract attention.
  4. Perhaps I could have replied to the "General direction" thread.
    My intention is to keep the "add misc auction forum" thread for discussing the suggestion.
  5. If you think that's an apt description of how the USA is, then you need to take your rose-colored glasses off. The US limits plenty of freedoms (two (out of many) examples: marijuana possession and consumption is illegal, getting married if you're gay is illegal in all states but 6), violates bunches of human rights (Have you seen some of the laws that have been passed in the US since 9/11? Heard of Guantanamo Bay?), has a laughable idea of what democracy is (Electoral college? Only two parties that can reasonably expect to win elections?), and the market is far from free.
  6. Im going to lock this. Only because, this easily could have just been taken up in a PM, no need to fill the forums with it. Especially with the blatant admittance to just drawing attention to your already 2 posted threads.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.