YOLO is stupid and you should feel stupid

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  1. Yes, this is a rant. Brace yourselves.

    So, for those who don't already know what I'm talking about, YOLO is an abbreviation of "You only live once," a phrase that's been around for a while but only really started making the rounds a couple years back thanks to rap artist Drake.
    Why is it stupid? Context.

    Let me introduce you to a much older phrase. Maybe you've heard this one: Carpe diem.
    Or more fully, Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero – "Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the next (day/future)." And this is where that Context thing comes in.

    Carpe diem is encouragement to sieze opportunities as they arise, to make the most of yourself and life. YOLO however, is shorthand for a cultural excuse to do whatever you feel like because, hurr durr, you only live once. Unless y'know, you believe in reincarnation in which case stop reading and slap yourself now if you've ever said yolo.

    See the difference? One encourages personal growth, to be more tomorrow than you were today, to move forward in the best and brightest direction possible. This is something we should all strive for, even if we don't go around with #carpediem on our twitters. The other is pretty much the opposite of that. "Do whatever you want because tomorrow doesn't matter."

    Which are you? The one who strives to be the best version of yourself each day? Or the stupid one?

    You may be an intelligent, reasonable person, but say "yolo" and you'll still sound like a complete moron. So don't. It's stupid, and you sound dumber for having used it.
  2. I HATE yolo, but i really don't understand the one your talking about
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  3. Hey, I got mixed feelings on YOLO but it was the best word to put into the mincart on my wallpaper ._.
    Can't stop the feeling that this is directed towards me ;.; and if it is... (..........Nvm)
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  4. Another thing is, people are always saying it "sarcastically." My sister for instance will say YOLO and then when I glare at her state that she's saying it as a joke, and it seems like this excuse gets used a lot. Sarcastically or not, its still saying it, and its still annoying.
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  5. I have anger issues. When someone says "yolo" I have to be excused from class..
  6. :cool:

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  7. It is, and it isn't. I'm not here saying "Hey you. You're stupid," it's not a targeted personal insult to anyone. It's to point out a thing and say "This is very dumb and you should stop doing it. Here's why."
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  8. Meh, I'm fine with YOLO, but it does irk me a bit.
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  9. Yolo, swag, all that kind of stuff has been annoying people for a very long time.
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  10. Sorry had to xD
  11. Today we recieved out year books, All the 8th graders got to do a quote.

    Someone wrote exactly this"

    "yolo unless you a cat"
  12. YOLO sucks and I want to punch everyone who uses it as a reason to do something stupid. In my yearbook, next to some pictures, they wrote "YOLO" for some odd reason. WTF?
  13. I use the phrase yolo sometimes. I remember that someone called a bomb threat in our school, and the cafeteria garage doors started going down so we all yelled, "# YOLO " and ran out the cafeteria doors. Ah, sweet times. :D But I have to admit, the people that use the phrase YOLO all the time are SO annoying.
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  14. I say YOLO all the time.

    I only say YOLO as a joke.

    About 90% of what I say is a joke in real life...
  15. I only use it some times. Then I say YOLO! The color! With an accent
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  16. The only reason why I would say yolo is to make fun of the other people that say yolo all the time. :p
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  17. Words to live by: "You only live once: that’s the motto ***** YOLO" Drake. Yeah nope. Lets give this song a nice home by the fireplace! Awe crap, my hands slipped

    Btw, I have said YOLO 1-3 times on EMC. I beleive it's ok to say like now and then but not like:

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  18. Ditto.

    Usually when someone asks why I did something in game.

    Me: 'Cause YOLO.

    Other than that it's annoying. So is SWAG. I was so used to hearing Swag refer to souvenirs and stuff at conventions/fairs/all that on tv. "Oh man we're headed to that concert and we're gonna get so much swag!" and now it's being beaten into the ground with a lead pipe :(