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  1. How much is a XI_LIKE_A_PIGX book worth? He changed his username, but hasn't played in a while. I have a book he signed and gave to me and no one seems to know who he was. Anyone know how much it's worth?
  2. I knew him. Never seen his book sold so no idea, guess it's worth what ever someone wants to pay you for it :p
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  3. Glad to know someone knows him. If you were looking to buy it, how much would you pay for it? Just wondering for selling purposes
  4. I know him aswell, I think Tom has one book aswell, but they should be pritty rare. and since he has been on 3 of the highest posting members, maby even at 1, sould it be worth a little aswell, I only don't know who wants to buy it...
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  5. Okay, I like what I'm hearing. He gave it to me as a birthday present. It was his starter book.
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  6. I have one so wouldn't buy it. But if I was, it wouldn't be worth that much I don't think :p
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