ww2fan168 is about to be 500 days old Q&A

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  1. You know what time it is!!

    I am almost 500 days old on EMC!

    It honestly feels like I joined yesterday on EMC, I can remember parts of it clearly! The good days are way ahead of me, but I do appreciate the times behind me as well! I don't have much to say as the 500 days thing speaks for its self, so I am going to do a Q&A and each member will get 500r ( Suggested by ShelLuser).

    EDIT: I also decided that whoever follows my profile on the forums and /friend add's me on EMC will get a promo of your choosing in my promo chest :) Will be chosen via random.org
  2. Why did we join within the same hour?
  3. What's ur fav color?
  4. It was just meant to be I guess, and always remember that I will always be an hour older than you...

    My favorite color? I'd have to say Blue.

  5. Once ww2fan168 was 500 days old

    He got all his items and promos sold

    To me. :cool:
  6. Where did you come from, where did you go?
  7. Are you a fan of cotton eye joe?
  8. Where did I come from? I'll assume this is meaning how I found EMC, so I found EMC with my friend Nach499 while searching the server lists. I actually remember joining and being welcomed and instantly going to the waste and being killed by an enraged skeleton. I am now on smp2 building up an organization to help new players :)

    Not really.

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  9. I made a good suggestion? :eek:

    ha ha ha, awesome ww2! Honest; I thought you were much older than that. But you're actually a little bit younger than me (I turned 500 2 days ago)?

    Ok, I got one for you: what is your favorite activity on the Empire?
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  10. Is Die Hard the best Christmas Movie?
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  11. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Did he cross the road at all?
    Did he make it to the other side or get hit by a car?
    Was the chicken actually a turkey?
    Do I exist?
  12. BUMP, I had a great experience today as I went to an Amish Community located near the mountains of my home state. My views on them have changed so much, and yes I did buy some Amish butter. I met some friends up there and family. Sorry I wasn't on much of today.

    My favorite activity on EMC is actually a hard thing to decide. I enjoy doing a lot of things, including working on my casino a bit in design; building my newest project; helping new players through my organization, and talking to my friends. So I can't really chose my "favorite" thing to do on EMC, but those are a few things that I enjoy.

    I have never seen this movie personally, but I have heard about it a bit. So I can't really answer that question... Next question.

    He was trying to escape KFC but was sadly ran over by Kernel Sanders only to be made into delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken with a side of Fries.
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  13. No. Bad ww2fan. Bad!

    Rent the movie!... Why has nobody on EMC seen the greatest Christmas movie of all time???

    Rent Amazon: $2.99
    Rent Google: $2.99
    Movie is rated R so if under 17, ask a parent's permission.

    Dooo Ittt.

    /Amused Out
  14. Have you ever adventured into the wilderness or nether? If so, what is your most memorable experience?
  15. Yes, I have. I don't really enjoy being in the frontier/waste but due to me owning a small mall I'm planning on making a small outpost for mining and sorts :)

  16. Who is your favorite staff member and why?

    Congrats on 500 days :)