Wut happenened in my dream???

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  1. Ok, here is my dream. I am playing EMC with a recourse pack, and I find a sign! I am like "Hmm, what does this do?" so I right-clicked the sign. I got a sword with some lore (I forgot) and a name of something that had to do with the government (Like U.S. government, not EMC government). I have no idea why, but I started to make a bigger idea like hiding the signs around town, only 1 use per day, etc. Did I have that dream just for that idea??? Can someone help me on what happened?
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  2. ^obsession with EMC. I am not alone! :D
    lol, anyways, I have no idea.
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  3. I bet so... I just like that. I should add it to the suggestion box.
  4. I had a dream once that Dragon Tombs came out and me and my friends had an epic battle against a Red Dragon :p
    Glad to know I'm not the only one with Minecraft related dreams xD

    No idea what happened in the dream though, it's all in your brain after all
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  5. I had a dream that all clothing, colored or white, could share the same washing machine in peace and harmony.
  6. Lol CLICK ME!
  7. I once had a dream where ICC sold me 4 beacons for 150k each and made me practically broke...
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  8. Lol, why did you buy them? XD
  9. Who knows?
  10. You could just have chosen to deny him, right?
  11. This is when obsession reaches crisis point! I'm alone, thanks to emc I dreamed up a iron golem pet.
  12. It was a player shop.
  13. Then don't buy:p
  14. I have so many dreams about EMC related things. One was when roblikescake got mod, another one was after the smp2 crash and Krysyy made a joke about the daleks and TARDIS hashing it out. The main reason is because I have no life outside of EMC :p.
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  15. I think I know why I had that dream!
    1-Aikar's Econmy Ruining Event
    Problem solved! Could a mod close the thread please?
  16. Well then.