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  1. So I've spent the last year (almost) building and rebuilding my res. I've got a stone gen, wheat/veg farm, sugar cane farm, log harvester, minecart system, teleport network, glass-enclosed arboretum, and an extensive network of stone-brick lined underground tunnels and rooms; in addition to the brick there's hundreds of pistons, some sticky pistons, a ton of redstone, and an unbelievable amount of stone brick , as well as chests of sand, sugar cane, cobblestone, stone, etc. I put a lot of time, resources, and rupees into building it, but now I'm tired of it.

    I want to start over, but don't want to take the time to dismantle it, and don't want to reset it either. Basically I want to sell the salvage rights to my res and everything on it. For a week I would give you full perms to take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want, including chests and anything in them (all chests have something in them, may not be full, but some are). You can strip everything down to the bare dirt, or only cherry pick the best stuff, I don't care. Once the week (or whatever time period we agree upon) is up, I will reset my res and everything left will disappear.

    Come check out my res at SMP4 #8947
    and post below your offer (starting at 15,000r) and I'll take the highest offer after 72 hours without another, higher, offer.

  2. Are you 100% sure you want us to ruin this beautiful work of art?
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  3. He wants money for you to destroy it.
  4. This is an Auction an I don't believe Auction of this type are allowed sorry....
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  5. it is true. you are not allowed to sell 'grief perms' to your res. sorry.
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  6. I meant 15K....
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  7. I would out bid but I need to see the res first :)
  8. The funny thing is is that you can't do this. It is an auction, in the businesses and services thread, on build rights to a res. I'm pretty sure you can't sell perms to a res, nevermind auction them off.
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  9. Surely he can ask people to gift him an amount of rupees and accept the highest gift offer, before incidentally gifting the best gifter the perms to his res? As gifts, not as a trade?
  10. I am looking for someone to provide me with a service whereby they will dismantle and salvage my residence, which to me would fit under the business and services category. I found no instructions as to what and how something may or may not be posted in this forum, so if it does exist, please point me in the right direction.
  11. Technically he is auctioning off everything on his res and then giving people build perms to take it.
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  12. Just give perm to all of us!
  13. That would result in madness...........although it would be funny! xD
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  14. I'd let Mods/Admins make their judgement to this thread. As long as they aren't closing it or taking the thread down for breaking a rule it should qualify as something legit. I personally don't think this is allowed but I'm not a mod ^_^
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  15. Somebody did this a while ago and their thread was deleted.
  16. I don't doubt it. The rules clearly say That Selling perms is not allowed and if its auctioning the stuff inside well the rules also clearly state it has to be DC's of said item be Redstone, Stone, Stone brick or any other item inside that res :)
  17. Since it's been 24 hours since I posted this and it hasn't been shut down and no one has been able to show me any rules against this, I'm going to assume it's all good.
  18. If this is an Auction then its against the rules.