Wouldn't it be awesome if...

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Would you want to attend? (Even though you may not be able to)

Yes 7 vote(s) 77.8%
No 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Wouldn't it be awesome if we ha an emc party IRL somewhere, with most of the staff there, and hopefully a lot of players..
    There could be door prizes:
    Vouchers for supportership
    Free rupee vouchers

    What do you think? I know it will probably never happen... And most players wouldn't/couldn't fly/drive to the meeting spot....
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  2. or we could trade irl heads :D (jking) i would be the annoying fella who poked everyone in the tummy
    Why not have a video conference :D?
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  4. Why don't we all just go to Minecon. I'm going. :D
  5. we would all have nametags of our MC username(s)!
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  6. Yeah! I hope I'll get too see other players from EMC there!
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  7. I'm going to see if I can get to go for my birthday, my birthday is about 4 days before :D
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  8. Awesome! Going to minecon is going to be my birthday treat! :D
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  9. nice :) Ooo... I hope I can go, Orlando isn't too far...
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  10. I wish I could go..
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  11. It's about 12 hours by car from where I live. :)
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  12. o.o It would be a few hours in the plane for me :p
  13. Sorry to double post, but...

    I've been wanting to go for a while, finally got the chance, because It' closer then it was last year.
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  14. Triple posting... xD

    It's around 2-3 hours for me by plane. :)
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  15. its in orlando? thats like only a 4 hour drive from here!! i could even bring stew if he wanted
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  16. Orlando Florida! :D
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  17. I imagine someone trolling and taking a sheet of paper and writing/typing RUPEE VOUCHER or VAULT VOUCHER on it and handing it out.

    Minecon- I google mapped it and it says in current traffic it's a 9hr 30min drive for me xD.
  18. o.o for me it says 47 Hours xD Oh God, this will be interesting...
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  19. i will likely have a finn hat on with a green backpack and blue shirt, ill make you a personal vault voucher if i sees u