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  1. So, this thread is for posting Would You Rather questions. What you do, is post a question, the next post answers it, and also posts a question. Also, no "neither" answers!
    I'll start off:
    Would you rather die by fire or ice?
  2. Fire.
    Would you rather Eat 10 5 pound frogs or 5 10 pound frogs?
  3. 10 5 pound frogs, sliced, cooked, and served with a side of fries and ice cold cola.

    Would you rather explode twice and live, or die twice from one explosion?
  4. 5 10lb. ones. Depends if their cooked how much you'd have to give me to eat em though :D

    Would you rather lie in a pit of small to medium (non-lethal) boa constricters or have slugs covering your face and arms?

    Edit: ninja'd. I'd die twice, the second time won't be very painful...
  5. Would you rather have pie or pie?
    ( Choose wisely. )

    Also, I would like to lay in a small pit of small to medium non-lethal boa constrictors.

  6. Would you rather eat only pink or red food for the rest of your life and get $20,000 a month, or eat any type of food except pink or red and get $500 a month?

    Also, I would have pie.
  7. Eat only pink or red food for the rest of my life and get paid $20,000 a month.

    Would you rather feel pain or nothing at all?

    This: :p
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  8. Feel pain.

    Would you be a raw potatoe or a baked potatoe?
  9. Baked potato. 420 blaze it

    Would you rather be smart or attractive?
  10. Smart.
    Because i'm smart now, and to one girl i'm attractive (and I find her attractive...and she's my best friend...) so it's not much different >.>
  11. Ask a question
  12. I don't have to?
  13. You must do it
  14. Would you rather get hit with a metal bat in the head and live, or live life without ever eating or dying when you still need the food?
  15. would you rather die or live without any limbs

    EDIT: that question didn't make sense but i guess not eat?
  16. The metal bat thing. Would you rather go to school or be a slave forever?
  17. Live!
  18. Get hit in the head with a metal bat and live. Life shouldn't go on forever - and I don't care for food very much. I have an eating problem.

    Would you rather live through a zombie apocalypse, or be a zombie?
  19. Be a zombie... yeah....
    Would you rather Have a Wii and get paid $500 a month or a Xbox and get paid $100 a month. The answer is pretty obvious.

  20. Wii, I will use the extra money to buy more consoles.

    Would you rather be able to travel to any point in time, but only as a ghost not able to interact with anything; or be able to travel to any point in space, but only as a ghost not able to interact with anything?