Would you participate in this?

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Would you participate in this?

Yes! 24 vote(s) 82.8%
No. 5 vote(s) 17.2%
  1. Would you guys participate in this?

    All participants must enter in something nice, be it a block or an item. (No worthless items*, please)
    On a date which is undecided at this time, I will put all the stuff on my utopia res and all participants will get build, move, use, and container flags. Unfortunately those who don't enter, won't get move flags.

    So, you're donating some of your stuff, and in return, getting some of others nice stuff! It's a win-win. We need a lot of people to say yes for me to get the event running, so if you want it, post the link to your friends!

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    *cobblestone, dirt, grass, wood, wooden tools, etc
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  2. Sounds like a neat idea!
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  3. Pretty cool!
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  4. Thanks Guys :D
  5. haven't heard of an event like this so sure why not!
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  6. The idea is good but I also see some strings attached. Because once you gave players permissions on your residence won't that create a "first come, first get" situation? And if there's one thing I learned during some "grief" or share parties: many players do not leave stuff for other players.
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  7. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'm pretty sure, while I'm giving the flags if I see the guys move, I'll just revoke their move flag and they won't get any of the stuff.

    EDIT: I can just give the participants move flag and then set everyone to have build flags with /res set build t
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  8. Sounds like a good event but I was thinking the same thing as Shel but he beat me. Date and time of this event would be nice if you'd like to make it an official event ;)
  9. Well, I need to know if lots of people want to participate before I make it official, it would be fine with say, 15 people, but if I get 15 people voting on the poll, I'll probably only get about 10 at best case scenario.
  10. I'll do it. So I just bring any block?
  11. You'll have to bring more than a few items, and it has to be worth over 1k. I don't want any dirt or cobblestone ruining the scenery xD
  12. Oh very nice! ^_^ I'm in
  13. I am not quite clear on what is going on, but if I am available I will show up. I will be happy to send a donation in even if I don't make it :) I like to know that there are lots of events being planned. That means more chances for me to get to go to one:)