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  1. Great, now that i've got your attention we can talk business. Me and my buddies 1014demon and LizardKing_ will be opening a new mall. But it won't be any other mall, it will be special. In this mall we will ONLY buy and sell items in BULK quantities. For example at most we'll sell a single chest of supplies (27 stacks), and at least we'll sell a stack at a time. Did I mention that this mall would be Pokemon themed? Now here is the part where I need YOU, the community. 1014demon and I will be the builders so as you can assume we won't have enough time to supply this mall. And LizardKing_ can't do it by himself ;). So i am looking for people who will be a reliable source of materials, you must meet deadlines if hired or else you WILL be fired. Pay will include a flat fee for the resources and than a little something extra for every successful order you complete. The more you do the more you make :). So if you are interested PLEASE pm me or leave your name in the comments below, we will only be hiring so many people so please include why you think you are the best candidate for the job! Thank you again for reading this! Enjoy :)
  2. I can sell you a DC of snow blocks :)
  3. i can sell an SC of redstone. I am Lachlanrocks00 from Smp2 Res# 3832
  4. Maybe I can get you sugar canes
  5. I will sell DCs of stone: 3.5k
    DC of cobble 3k.
  6. i don't want sugarcane i want to sell redstone!
  7. i have an offer of 4k for the redstone so if you pay me more, i will take yours
  8. I can sell you a doublechest of cactus soon.
  9. I can sell a double chest of wool soon if you want
  10. i sold it to Qwertyip
  11. Just put reasonable "S" prices, and people will sell to you.
    I'll check every now and then and sell to you when I have enough stock.
  12. me?
  13. :D
    any shop that wants suppliers
  14. oh
  15. Well, i will not enjoy the theme of the mall.
    I hate pokemon D:<
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  16. Let me guess why... Because it "supports" evolution? -_-
  17. I can sell a DC of ice for the right price
  18. Your signature kinda looks like JustinGuy XD (from the side)
  19. i can be a ice supplier
  20. -_-
    Nope, i just hate pokemon as it is.
    Too many of them to remember >.<
    No religous reason whatsoever