Would it be frowned upon if i were to use optifine?

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  1. I can usually run Minecraft at 40fps my graphics card is... well.... pants.. (just bought a gtx 670 shouldn't be a prob for much longer =P) I have done some testing on single player and have managed to get 200 fps with optifine installed! Was wondering if it is ok to use this mod?

    Thanks =D
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  2. Basically this. :)
  3. Great didn't know about that link... cheers all!
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  4. Yeah, it's legal. I kind of want to, since I can get down to 2fps in pvp...
  5. Geez whats yer computer made of?? XD
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  6. Mayo mine does that to. Its the graphics card im pretty sure or the lack of one.
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  7. It used to be Windows xp or vista, but now it's Windows 7. It's really old.
  8. The gpu i've got in mine atm has 2gb ddr5.... So its pretty much just using 2gb of ram as its gpu... so its pants.. Changing the gpu always improves performance
  9. Erm, potato? :p
  10. Impossible! You get 5 fps with that! Id say more.... pumpkin XD