World resets for Wilderness, Utopia, Wasteland, and Nether (not Town)

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    Hello Empire,

    I just wanted to let everyone in on some good and bad news. The good news is that the next Minecraft release, Minecraft 1.0, is going to be awesome. This release is going to bring the game out of beta and will come out sometime around Minecon. I started testing some things with this release and the Empire and that brings us to the bad news. There is a really good chance we are going to have to reset Wasteland, Nether, Wilderness, and Utopia.

    Town would NOT be reset, as it is not a regular Minecraft world.

    I am telling everyone this now cause we have weeks to prepare before the release (we hope). So this would mean you should hold off on doing any big projects in any world other than Town, and start collecting anything important you have in the worlds and moving it to your residence.

    The problem is not that the worlds would not work, they would (sorta). The problem is that they will always be plagued with errors, especially when the world expands to uncharted areas (most of our worlds are pre-1.8 and even getting them to work on 1.8 was a royal pain). I guess this is the risk we had building the community around a beta game. I wanted to let you all know ASAP and I will continue to keep the community updated.

    Happy mining!
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  2. Thanks for the heads up Justin
  3. I actually think resetting the worlds would be a cool idea. It would give the worlds a fresh new start and have new materials waiting for us! I just hope it won't be a difficult process for you to change. :)
  4. O crap, well can you help me tear down the Hey Wall, you know what I have nothing to do with that anymore anyways, just leave it and Blow it to smitherines,Oh speaking of blowing it up could you tear it down with TNT while I'm on?
  5. You're able to use TNT in worlds that aren't Town. You have a few weeks to do this, so there's no rush, you should be able to get it all in time. :)
  6. Oh well i hate the normal world anyways, i spent 4 hours coming back to the spawn ._. Im so lost in the head!!!
  7. How'd you get so far out? Haha.

    Also, do you know about the Live Map for the Wasteland?
  8. I got lost using the live map... im better at directing myself backwards on my own xD
    How i got so far.. i used haxx !
  9. haxx are bad mmkay?:p and thnx for the heads up :D

    EDIT: Damn you jer for thinking what i was thinking about Dem haxxz xD
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  10. humm mayby u should reset the worlds now then update da serv to dis minecraft 1.0 that i have never herd of
  11. Minecraft 1.0 is the next "step" in Minecraft's cycle. Sounds confusing as we're on 1.8, I know...but we're currently on Minecraft BETA 1.8. This will be OFFICIAL (not in beta anymore) Minecraft, so it'll be 1.0. :)

    We can't reset the worlds yet as we'd have to do it again anyways when 1.0 comes out. Since it's not out yet, resetting the worlds right now would still have them at 1.8 worlds.
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  12. cool thanx... wait :confused: then what about 1.9?...SHARON... IM so confused :Dlol ozzy
  13. Minecraft 1.0 IS Minecraft Beta1.9 :)
  14. oooo now it makes senes
  15. when u update the server can u expand to 100 slots or is that to much...becaues now that the server is so popular it gets full easy:D
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  16. Thanks for the waning,we should celebrate by blowing p the whole neather :)
  17. when dose the 1.9/1.0 come out :confused:
  18. at the end of minecon.
  19. I really really wish this had gone up a week ago. I've spent a solid week on a building project in the Wilderness. >.<
    GAH! D: