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    Uh yes hello, I see you've stumbled across this thread (well if your reading this) So my artist name on the internet is more known as Inaru (thus the name).

    I kinda draw, a lot and paint. I find it does help handle my emotions a lot better then dealing with them another way. I draw on paper, Ipad, sketchbook, windows and my walls (painting... again). I love to design interior and exterior but I dunno if Ill be able to keep up with posting new works.

    Enough yada, I want to introduce you to some OC's (Original Characters) I do have two OC's for EMC and that's Luneyia (the fox) and Nymph (my forest deer)

    But for my profiles on insta, DS2/AWF, DeviantArt etc...

    Winter, My MLP OC

    Inaru, my wolf OC

    These are my 2 main OC's that I wanted to post first. I guess I'll keep adding to the lot... :)

    Anyways in all seriousness thanks for checking this out, it does mean a lot to me. I will keep posting new stuff.

    ~Inaru,Luneyia, Bella... hehe ^_^
  2. IMG_2367.JPG
    Flying Cheetah Cat:
    Inspired by Tatchit (DeviantArt)
  3. 887031_548912201858692_1376535580_o.jpg
    Anime Pen Sketch: Size 0.4 (I think)
  4. 10153715_710473869035857_6252197697020038943_n.jpg
    Inaru Iona Grace (Wolf/hybrid fox of some sort and Main OC)
  5. 994729_594187987331113_1434188618_n.jpg
    Elsa and Jack Frost. Some of you may recognise this artwork... with me in it... yeah I saw those withthe creepy guy in the background
  6. 1397753_550462581703654_1468201924_o.jpg
    Old Present for a friends birthday. Drew her photo from the Hunter Trials
  7. 1236216_532959306787315_781608824_n.jpg
    Did this last year when I first into my new house. Kinda kick started my whole love of drawing
  8. 428690_460044207412159_1258968745_n.jpg
    Helious and Rini (Sailor Moon, about a year ago) Found these images on my facebook so Im relieved about that. I don't think the actual draws are still alive.

    Sailor Chibi Moon

    Sailor Venus
  9. 522695_435651806518066_1835778131_n.jpg

    Home Ec Assignment last year. BURGER CAKE! Twas delicious
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  10. Works back from 2012-2013 554299_408227865927127_260892758_n.jpg



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  11. Wow, some of those are incredible... Great job, my favourite is this one.
    Why did you put them in so many different posts though?
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  12. Oh my, these are astonishing. As an artist myself, I'm really shocked :p

    Also, a little off topic, but I really recognize your username? Do you play Transformice?
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  13. Thank you ^.^ and they weren't loading properly in one so I had to make a whole lot of separate posts. So yeah, thank you for having a look :)
  14. Awe gawsh thank you ^.^ and no I don't play a lot of online sorts of games.
  15. 1167195_513629018720344_1805784288_o.jpg
    Spice and Wolf, Horo
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  16. 983329_476006645815915_1520874897_n.jpg
    This one got torn up, lucky I got a picture of it though.
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  17. IMG_2462.JPG
    EMC, comic strip contest entry (2nd Place)
  18. IMG_2236.JPG
    I dont even know, making my complaint to the internet
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  19. You already posted that as an attachment in an earlier post :p
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  20. Did I mention Im too dumb to realise things today?