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  1. To your mother.

    I'm g00tch. I'm old. 31 to be exact. I've been playing Minecraft since about 1.1 Beta (late 2010) and I've ran a few moderately successful servers in that time.

    I hang out on smp5 and utopia servers mostly. I own and operate g00tchies Bar N' Grill on smp5 at res 10447. If you see me on, stop in and grab one of three full dinners or an adult beverage or 2.

    See ya guys around.
  2. 31 isn't that old ;)
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  3. Welcome to the empire, g00tch. :D
  4. The King. :p
  5. This is a PG13 server so keep it like that please.
  6. Don't they still have bars and adult beverages on PG13 movies? XD
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  7. I am talking of his name.
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  8. Not a lot of kids know what it means, but thanks for bringing it to their attention...
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  9. All you need is one stupid player on the game server to bring it up though. It is that fact that you picked a terrible name that is the problem, not the number of people who know about it.
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  10. honestly who cares. It's not offensive and if some kids don't know what it means.... well they are bound to learn it at some point!
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  11. I think the name is funny
  12. I suppose that kids should also be allowed to view any inappropriate thing they come by. I mean, if they don't know its inappropriate, that's totally ok right?
  13. actually yes
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  14. That's not what I meant sir.
    All I'm saying is the name isn't offensive, so why should it matter? It's just a made up slang term describing a human's anatomy. I wouldn't consider it "inappropriate"
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  15. -.- I am going to go scream obscenities through a daycare now, it is a good thing that kids aren't impressionable at all.
    The general consensus among human beings is that it is offensive. Less well known does not equal ok. It shouldn't ever even infer ok.
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  16. I disagree.
    I think its along the lines of saying "ass" or "bum" instead of "buttocks"
    Its just expression. Saying it or hearing it doesn't affect anybody, so why is he being called out for it?
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  17. How about everyone stops arguing and let the admins decide if the username is deemable and allowed for use on EMC, okay?

    Anyway, back on track, how has EMC been so far, g00tch?
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  18. If i went into a daycare and yelled something like douche and they had no idea what i meant iam pretty sure iam fine
  19. Just let it go, its not really other players business if a username isn't good or not. Only admins and moderators decide that fate, not players opinions.
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  20. I thought this was supposed to be a welcome thread...
    Anyway welcome g00tch :)