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  1. Hey guys mrdj here and I would like to say that if you are interested in me building you a wooden cabin on your residence (on any server) send me a message

    Details: (The blocks have to be supplied by you)

    -cost: free!!! (The only thing you have to pay is the supplies)


    2 Stone slabs
    2 Beds
    4 Chests
    4 Wooden doors
    6 Signs
    8 Wooden Stairs
    14 Fence Posts
    24 Torches
    30 Glass
    42 Smooth Stone
    269 Wooden Planks
    311 Wooden Logs

    (I know it's alot but I believe it's worth it because the house looks good on the outside and the inside)

  2. Any pictures?
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  3. You need to post pictures of a finished house or no one will order one. Edit: ninja'd
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  4. i will but how? sorry im a noob at this but i took screeshots of it how do i upload it?
  5. Upload to Imgur, get the Image URL then do:
  6. ok thanks will do
  7. here you go guys pm me if you want me to build you that house one again check the description for details

  8. As a fellow woodworker, I like the look! I do custom wood floors for people (see my post here).

    I will give a tip though. Logs on EMC are in demand, and cost a lot (it's between 120-90 a stack on smp2). People aren't going to want to shop to supply their own wood, so you will get more customers if you offer to supply everything yourself, and charge labor. People are lazy that way :).

    That's what I do, and it works out great. I say that I only deal with wood, and if they want glowstone/sandstone etc incorporated, then they have to supply that.

    Good luck!
  9. Im lazy!!

    Also 120-90r :eek: I would never pay more than 60r per stack
  10. Market forces are what they are, my friend! I also would not pay that...that's why I started my own tree farm lol. Lots of money in logs, at least for now. I'll probably ruin the economy with my output.
  11. Come to smp1 and go to /v 405 look for the oak logs they're cheap (around 40r per stack). Contact me if you want me to build it for you if you have the ressoursses
  12. Uh, 405 has oak logs at 109 per stack at the cheapest, and that chest is sold out. The cheapest ones you can buy are 119 per stack.

    Edit: I think you meant planks. 40 r for a stack of planks = 160 for a stack of logs, since 4 planks = 1 log. 40 r is still expensive.
  13. no oremia i'm talking about oak logs and it still cost around 45r at /v 405 in smp1
  14. WHY do you have to be so complicated? Just click the button that says upload a file. :p
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  15. Because, EMC has a size limit on file uploads and a normal Minecraft screenshot is too big.
  16. Well, not necessarily true, depends on what you are taking a picture of, like if you are taking a picture of your entire Minecraft city, yes it'll be too big, but if you're taking a picture of your Minecraft house, probably won't be too big.
  17. No, you are thinking of the more things then the bigger size but its about how big an image is
  18. I uploaded a minecraft screenshot too, and without problems.
    Just with F2 it won't be too big?
  19. True, but the more items in the picture, the larger the size. It's like the difference between 15 blocks and 150.