Beautiful wood floors! Contractor with showcase and shop at SMP2-4382

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  1. Hello EMC! You may have read a previous thread where I announced the opening of my Little Lumber shop here, specializing in logs and all sorts of wood products.

    I'm excited to announce I've made a show room in my shop at 4382 to display a handful of unique and beautiful wood patterns to inspire you for your next build! 2013-01-05_16.45.39.png

    I am available for contract work - I will use all of my own materials and build your wood structure exactly as you'd like it! Contact me here or SMP2 in game and we can work out a price. Please stop by and consider becoming a Golden Apple supporter!


    Update: Five recent projects I've worked on!
    2013-01-17_22.20.50.jpg 2013-01-16_22.23.33.png 2013-01-16_22.27.09.png 2013-01-16_22.37.56.png 2013-01-16_22.22.27.png
  2. That design is awesome!
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  3. Can we request floors to put in your showcase?
  4. Not sure what you mean...give me an example! These patterns are just sample and if I'm hired for a floor I can change the design to be whatever is needed! Even to repeat a pattern that was already started and the owner just got lazy. :p
  5. Looks sweet- I may need some floor designs for 9128's meeting rooms. How much would you charge for a ~3 8x8 areas?
  6. Oremia did some floors for me. Just want to say she did a wonderful job, and her prices are very good. She even came back multiple times when I needed things changed due to my designs changing. I always felt safe giving her perms on my res. (although, remember, you should never leave strangers alone on your res)

    I'm a very happy customer - I recommend her 100%.
  7. Wow that looks good :eek:
  8. Looks Great :)
  9. I got my new shop's floor customized by oremia and i am giving it five stars! great job!
  10. Got 9128 some floors! :D Oremia did a great job, and the floors look great as well!
  11. I may have a big job for you! PM when possible ;)
  12. How much would it cost to get a 58x58 floor design done?
  13. Will send you a pm!
  14. bump for updated pictures
  15. Wow, you have made really beautiful things!
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  16. How much would it cost for you to do a 60X60 area?(Please pm me the cost)
  17. Looks like IKEA :D
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