Wither Skull Trader...RARE!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jayjay2495, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. WHAT?! This cannot be...
  2. Photoshop?
  3. The trades that villagesr do...
  4. Ohh! MCEdit, Sethblings filter, where you can do custom trades. Dont trick us boy
  5. So it's fake?
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  6. Photoshopped
  7. 5 Emeralds for 4 wither skulls?
    At least make it believable boy....
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  8. Also, wrong subforum.
  9. i have done you the liberty of moving the thread for you to the correct section. :)
  10. We have a troll section? :confused:
  11. Also lava walls... couldn't resist xD
  12. I just moved it to the discussion section. =P
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  13. Bit late for a joke aren't we?
  14. If it was this easy to get them, we'd be quarantined in the wild spawn!
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