Wither Killing Service (Did I mention it's free?)

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  1. So, it's come to my attention that many players lose the wither from dying, or outright just cannot kill them, but much want a beacon. So I've been bored, and I love fighting bosses and emc custom mobs, so I've decided I will do this for free.

    How To Do It:
    Comment below saying that you need help, and then mail me the three skulls, and four peices of soulsand. I will do it as soon as I see it, and mail back the star. If u want a beacon out of this star, just say so and ill mail it back as a beacon free of charge. Even if I lose the wither, you will always get a star or beacon back, whichever one you have stated in the comment. Since this is free, I have a limit of 5 per person. Also, please only use this service if you cannot kill the wither, not because you don't have time.

    I do not charge, but tips are accepted :) (but of course not neccessary whatsoever, so do not feel bad if u dont give me one :D) I love helping out, and I hope many people get some use out of this. Enjoy :D

    PS: I've never failed to kill a wither :D

    TomvanWijnen: 1
    nltimv: 1
    LtCaptainMe: 2
    LBoss9001: 1
    PacoSmart: 2
    SirWii: 2
    LeoV: 1
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  2. Mailed you 3 wither skulls and 4 soul sand! Thanks for the service :D
  3. Done, mailed 1x nether star back
  4. Woo, thanks :D will pay you back 500 rupees when I'm online again ;)
  5. Thanks :D
  6. Nice of you to do this! I'll surely come to you the next time I need a wither killed. (I might have died about 7 times while trying to kill a wither xP)
  7. I'm glad to help :)
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  8. Bump, I hope more than one gets some use out of this :)
  9. Very Nice
  10. I would, but I don't haz skullz.
  11. I wouldn't put tips in the OP thread and link them specifically to each player.
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  12. i thought it would give others an idea of what to tip, but i can easily remove it
  13. Well it can also make people feel bad that they tip under average.
  14. mhm, that is why i have removed it :D
  15. Received it, thanks! :D Great service, sent you a 500r gift :)

    The reason it's this late, is because I had a really busy week, and I got it back at the worst time ever lol, sunday late evening :p
  16. dont worry about it, glad i could help, enjoy :D
  17. How much is it?
  18. Free.