Wither Killers

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  1. I know the name sounds corny, but I am starting a group called the "Wither Killers." We are going to kill Wither Bosses to get Nether Stars. I want 3 other people on this team. To try to get on the team, you need to submit the application below to me via this thread or private message. After I receive a good number of applications, I will go through them and choose who is best for the team. Also, please be honest on these questions. Do not post false answers so that you look better than you really are.

    1. How long have you been on the Empire?
    2. What server is your residence on?
    3. What kind of armor do you have? (material and enchantments)
    4. What kind of weapons do you have? (also material and enchantment)
    5. How good are you at fighting mobs? (Honesty is the best policy;))
  2. how long have i been on empire: almost 100 days
    what server is ur residence on: smp5
    What kind of armor do you have: diamond and chainmail fire protection enchants and projectile
    What kind of weapons do you have: diamond swords and bows looting, fire aspect, damage on my sword and punch, power, infinite on my bow.
    How good are you at fighting mobs: pretty good i have come close to winning the mob arena quite a bit.
  3. 1. 345 days at his day.
    2. SMP3, SMP7 will as well.
    3. I can get diamond armor in a flash, just a little ender grinding in utopia and I could be ready from scratch in about 30 mins.
    4. Same things as above, plenty of bows and arrows because of my skele grinder.
    5. Excpetionally good. I do quite well in PvP, so how hard can wither skele's be?
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  4. 1. 390 days
    2. Smp2 but I have alts, I can do any server really.
    3. Well I have diamond armor(expected) but no enchants yet. If enchants are needed I am willing to enchant my armor.
    4. Looting 2, some number of sharpness and fire aspect. And I can enchant them with pretty much anything.
    5. I'd like to think I am quite good. I once placed 4th in the mob arena event with no enchanted armor just plain diamond and a sharpness 2 sword.

    I am also pretty decent at starting/holding up wilderness bases. I also have one more member that is a close friend of mine that will probably be interested so maybe you would be willing to save a spot for him. I will try to get word for him to apply too.

    EDIT: I am also hidden on the livemap.
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  5. How?
  6. Because I was once a gold and diamond supporter and am still hidden. I also can't switch my status to shown.
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  7. I'm going to add this. I'm not talking about wither skeletons... I'm talking about the Wither Boss.
  8. Wither Bosses are what we're fighting.
  9. So where will we be getting the skulls?

  10. 1. How long have you been on the Empire? 404 days :D
    2. What server is your residence on? smp2 (both of them)
    3. What kind of armor do you have? (material and enchantments) diamond, and i have a dual blaze grinder, so basically any enchants i want.
    4. What kind of weapons do you have? (also material and enchantment) see above.
    5. How good are you at fighting mobs? (Honesty is the best policy;)) fairly good. i battled a wither with some friends, someone let it loose, and i fell down a giant hole :p
  11. Still can kick its tri-headed butt back to an egg.
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  12. I think you should expand this a bit, to make a Federation of Wither Apprehension Agencies (FWAA). Collect and register everyone and all other groups who partake in activities related to killing Withers, ask for donations as an optional member fee, use this to fund classes on killing Withers easily, killing Wither Skeletons, and whatever else would be worth teaching.

    You could maybe start up an official member's only shop, with supplies to help people kill Withers and other related activities, like armor, weapons, Wither Skulls, food and potions. This would all be discounted, obviously. You could sell the stuff at discounted prices as an incentive for joining the effort to supply EMC with Beacons.

    The member's-only shop could be supplied via an official FWAA colony, made up of branchmining facilities to get diamonds, expeditions to search for spawners, for XP and enchantments, and perhaps even a Wither Arena, designed to make it easier to kill a Wither. This could be complemented with a selection of farming facilities in Town, like wheat farms to manufacture bread, and treefarms for smelting and tool handles.

    When the dragon tomb update comes, you could rename yourselves the Federation of Boss Apprehension Agencies, and start finding Dragon Tombs too.
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  13. exacalated.jpg
    But still I think it sounds like a cool expansion plan. Only reason for the photo is because it was the first thing that came into my mind when I read your post. ;)
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  14. ik the easiest policy for killing withers... it doesnt take armor... just a regular diamond sword and a bow and like 20 arrows... Im the best choice
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  15. yea that too?? and will we keep some of the stars or do u just keep them... 1 more thing is that i hav fought 4 withers with this techinique and i hav never failed. Any server fits me, Im a server hopper :p
  16. What is your secret? O _ O
  17. its super easy and ill only show people im with in this organization (if im in :) )
  18. How much will stars or skulls be?
  19. WOW that sounds amazing! if i was leading this I would definently let MVP in.
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