Wither Farm For Sale

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  1. Ok i needed to make some cash so i decided to sell my wither farm. For use it costs 15k. May be alot for you but it is well worth it. If u wanted to buy it so you own the wither farm i can sell it to u for 75k and you can choose who uses it and who doesn't. Once i have 1 or 2 buyers I will use that cash to build a mega mall and my hotel :)

  2. Well, can we have pictures? For all we know it may be crappy, and not work well.
  3. Can we have pictures and an estimate of how many skulls/hour?
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  4. I'm very interested in leasing potentially buying with a group of people In that group to buy. I would like for you to please PM me for more details as in what server um where at and so on and so forth. Also is there any chest and what is the accessibility for getting to and from there hence portals tracks any of those modes of transportation for instance. Please let me know when a PM and thank you very much
  5. >sells wither farm
    >is an unaltered nether fortress on smp2 thats right next to spawn

    details fella if you are going to sell soemthing liek this you should include:
    what server its on
    how far away it is
    what amenities the area has
    pictures of said farm, is it a wither ripper? a slab farm?
    and finally who else knows about it cause if im buying a location and 50 people know about it then it is worth considerably less
  6. If everything is legit, than me and my group would like to buy this and buy it at a fair cost. There are certain things we would like before the transaction is committed in full and make sure everything is up to par.
    So please PM me if you are still looking to sell, thank you.
  7. Are you sure this aint an unaltered nether fortress? Please but details, as requested like the other posts around me.
  8. These above.
  9. would like to buy it for 100k if that is still valid
  10. Your only a year late :p
  11. I will pay 150k if it is a decent farm.
  12. This thread is a year old. I don't think it's for sale at the moment.
    You bumped a year old thread. If you see the red text warning about bumping, you might want to check to make sure that the offers are still valid by deductive reasoning.
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