Wither bundle only 25k

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  1. Hello everyone i have decided to make a set of stuff to use to make the wither and kill the wither all to get that needed nether star!(sorry the image is blurry!)

    So whats in it?
    3 wither heads
    4 soul sand
    1 unbreaking 3, power 3, infinity 1 bow
    1 sharpness 5, knockback 2

    1 stack of arrows
    please pm me to buy one, I'm sorry if the price is too high I wasn't too sure how much I should sell it for!
    - Guill
    Dont forget to visit my shop on smp8 - 17444 or /v +gp
  2. how much is it?
  3. lol 25k if you can't tell
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  4. ok I'm sorry u do a good job with the bazooka join the military :p
  5. I might grab one in a few days when I get the cash to my hands
  6. yay I have 2 in stock if i don't get 2 orders i will save you one :)
  7. thanks gimme 3 days ok? also if u would leave a poem on my poem thread I would appreciate it :)
  8. i will try i am not good at writing poems
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  9. If these are still available, I'll take one set. I'll pay after confirming the chest still exists lol
  10. I laughed harder at this than I should have. I mentally drew up the image of you furiously drawing that arrow in frustration.
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  11. Yes there is one in stock :) Pm me if you are still interested
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  12. bump please tell me if you want one i need to know if i need to go to the nether :p