WIsh we did have more info about the dragonstones,tokens and dragontomb.

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  1. Yes, dragonstones , dragontomb and tokens. The stones are not hard to get,
    what area the are going to cover is unknown when you place it in the wilderness to claim some land. Also are there extra costs to palce it ? Tokens... and then what are the costs.

    Its hard to start developing my established outpost if you dont know in what problem you later run.
    As example, dragonstones onl;y cover small area. or the are expensive to place , so you dont hav e enough tokens, dont worry i love to collect the tokens. But..

    I wish we did get some more info about that. For now i can only develop the warehouse.
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  3. dragon egg ? sofar i know you need to use dragon stones.
  4. You'll use dragon stones (as best we know) to get into new content and earn a dragon egg...
    The staff says you'll use a dragon egg to claim land, the developer thats making the code corrects them though, that it's the brand new challenge tokens you'll earn from quests, that will be used for land claims.
  5. Getting hard dissapointed, so if you cannot play or dont want to play it you cannot protect your land anymore you did established or have before ? Also because it seems you cannot play it alone.

    Lets say, i dont need dragon tomb anymore, very dissapointed.
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  6. The thread you just looked at was posted by one of the previous admins and was posted in 2012. The version you see from Aikar will be a lot different and a very heavily adapted version of this. Aikar hasn't revealed all of the secrets he has for the Dragon Tombs, we do not know what is coming next for the parts of Dragon Tombs. All we know so far is that the Dragon Stones and Tokens will likely have something to do with it and the actual Tombs themselves should be a spot of fun.

    We'll see what happens, but for now, there are more pressing matters than Dragon Tombs to attend to. Aikar is held up trying to fix some other things and these will be essential to get to before Dragon Tombs, otherwise there will be problems with the Tombs later. The idea is not to get things out early and fail them, but to take things slowly and nail it.
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  7. From Aikar's post, it sounds like he wants to push people to play together. So there is a balance of group content requirement (Challenge Tokens) and Rupees. It doesn't sound like dragon tombs will be the only way to get those tokens, it's just the first way we know of. I'm also guessing that the main challenge will be forming a group, that getting through it and getting challenge tokens will not be very hard. They want everyone to have a chance.

    It doesn't sound like your current claim to land will be lost in any way, you'll just be able to add protection to areas of it over time and eventually teleport once you meet requirements.
  8. I would love a little info on Wild Protection... If you know me at all you know I have serious issues with griefing, so I want to protect my stuff as best as possible. I am concerned that I do not or will not have enough (of whatever) to cover the cost. My wish list is a /tp set up so I can remove the Nether rail, further protecting our outpost.
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  9. It sounds like /tp is high on the list of features when they add it.

    I'm guessing you'll be able to secure a 120-340 block radius and a teleport ability fairly cheap. I'm sure securing additional space or features will end up costing a lot.

    They've worked really hard to have one of the best towny servers there is, so it really benefits them to add the /tp to get survival people to use both.
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