[WINNERS] November Referral Contest and Poem Contest

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  1. This was quite the contest to judge and I have to say that a LOT of the poems were FANTASTIC! However, some were also found on google so they were disqualified. Due to some pending donations, the prizes will be delayed by a day or so. I will message the winners when they are ready for pick-up. Some players requested that their submission be anonymous so I will let the creators themselves share their poems if they so wish.

    1st Place: HylianNinja
    2nd Place: Happpygirl
    3rd Place: Kephras

    Honorable Mentions:

    Most Clicks (will receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st - OmegadustMC
    2nd - FDNY21
    3rd - Olaf_C

    Referrals (will receive supporter vouchers):
    1st - FDNY
    2nd - Olaf_C
    3rd - BJM99
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  2. Forgot to submit mine >.>
  3. Congrats everyone!
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  4. Congrats to all winner and honorable mentions.
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  5. Congrats to all winners! :D I'm sure you did a fantastic job! :)
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  6. Congratulations guys! :D
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  7. congrats, everyone!
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  8. Oh gosh, thank you! And yes, you can post my poem for everyone to read.
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  9. You can post it here if you wish. I don't want to pressure anyone.
  10. Some would be grateful for monetary possessions,
    but why would I be grateful for something
    that will just control me and spark a desire for more of it?
    No, I am not grateful for money or possessions when they
    exceed more than the amount for simple survival,
    and take hold of myself to create the longing for more;
    I do not want to be a slave

    Some would be grateful for health,
    but why would I be grateful for something
    that will just pass away in years,
    something that will leave me bitter and jaded
    towards those who have it
    No, I am not grateful for health when it
    will create a dislike toward my fellow man in me
    and cause a dislike toward me currently;
    I do not want to hate or be hated

    Some would be grateful for family,
    but why would I be grateful for people
    whose company I hold no choice in,
    people who I will bicker with,
    people who can make you feel worse than almost anyone else,
    people who will scar your psyche and cause
    psychological problems a plenty
    No, I am not grateful for something almost everyone
    has in their life, and is common, like air and dirt;
    I do not want to put importance on the common things
    anymore than they deserve

    I will be grateful for you though,
    you who make me happy,
    you who are my friend
    You are rare and beautiful,
    you cause no hate,
    and if I am a slave to you,
    it is because of my own consent
    You who I love and call friend,
    I am grateful for you and love;
    even when it hurts, I am grateful
    because you inspire me and show me there is more to life
    You show me that even in the pain I can feel alive
    Not all have someone like you
    I am grateful for the rivers and trees and leaves and mountains
    and moons and stars and cold air and darkness and light and black holes –
    the entirety of universe and the way you exist in it,
    the way you have your place in it
    And I am grateful for the way you make me the way I am now
  11. Congrats Everyone!!!
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  12. …wow. That was…poetry. Nice job! :D
    Congrats to all the winners! :D
  13. Kephras got 3rd? Hm what was it that he said on the other thread again?

    Oh yeah . . .
  14. Congrats to everyone! I'm pleased I got an honorable mention. I wasn't expecting anything, but that definitely puts a smile on my face :)

    Again, congrats to everyone that submitted a poem!

    I'd post mine, but I thought/typed it out on the submission form, and never copy/pasted it to save on my computer...Whoops :oops:

    Krysyy, if you feel like it, could you slap it up for me on here? Or send me a pm with it?
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  15. Congrats to all winners! =D Really impressed with Hylian's poem. I think he definitely deserved to win. =)
  16. My statement stands. Some people may choose to think otherwise, but it doesn't change my opinion in the slightest. :confused:

    Appropriately enough however, I am grateful to be up there. Thank you, and congrats to the other winners as well :)
  17. Congratulations to all the winners of the Poem contest and Referral contest, nice to see my name creeping back onto the latter too! :p
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  18. OH MY GOD, I WON? I wasn't expecting that, wow. Congrats to everyone that submitted a poem ;) I'll post my poem soon, I saved it to another computer. Thank you :D
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  19. Here it is

    The time of year has come again,
    when love and thanks are finally spread.
    We finally give appreciation to the Patriots slain,
    and their struggles and victories are once again read.

    Think of yourself now, in this amicable state,
    while the people of the past worked day in day out,
    to forge the future, and this is what they create.
    A perfect utopia, or just about.

    Compared to the work they had back then,
    our toils are nothing but a speck,
    of the effort of our brethren.

    So we need to get our minds back in check.

    We must thank our ancestors, for all their work done
    to get us here, in our current home.
    Without them, we would have none.
    We would be out, stranded on our own.

    I thank those who have died for us,
    for I would not be free without every single one of them.

    Including the lady, who wouldn't move to the back of the bus,
    Including the golden one, who found the first gem.

    I am grateful for the rolling oceans, the deep, deep blues.
    The forests, luscious and giving
    The blistering desert, their orange-red hues,
    The beautiful creatures of Earth, always forgiving.

    I am grateful.

    And you should be too
  20. I'm absolutely touched.... and moved....

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