Windows 10! (And Cortana)

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  1. Hey guys, a friend and I recently got Windows 10, gotta say it's pretty good. So if anyone has any comments to make on Windows 10, make them here!

    Sadly for Cortana, there seems to be little to no simple or easy commands. I can open windows, but cannot close them. And there doesn't seem to be any good documentation on all of the cortana commands. Add them here if you guys find any :D
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  2. Fed up with Windows 10 at the moment! Installed it on 1 computer and 2 laptops (downloaded it like 5 times in total), doing a backup on my computer so I can do a fresh install and just copy and paste any files I want over. Once done I will upgrade my computer to Windows 10. I have the slight problem of having over 50,000 files which totals more than 35GB of files just in my documents. I've managed to delete quite a few things, but USB takes forever to copy across and FTP takes too long due to some really large files.

    I've been playing around with Windows 10 on my laptop and it feels really nice. It was running Windows 7 and it now runs a lot faster. I did a fresh install on my laptop because I wanted to get rid of Samsungs bloatware but also my old files and programs that I have on there (I don't use my laptop much, it's all stuff I have a copy of).

    Windows 10 feels nice to use and I really do like it. Definitely an improvement from Windows 8!
  3. I'm waiting for a month or two to pass so some my drivers and programs will be able to work on windows 10...
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  4. If you're upgrading to windows 10, you don't need to clear your HDD/SDD. Everything gets saved, files, file locations, every setting. Win 10 keeps literally everything, even which programs are on your taskbar :D Backup is a good precaution nonetheless, but just in case you didn't know, nothing is lost ;)

    Also, every program I've used on windows 7 works on windows 10, and every driver is as optimized as it was. So, you're probably pretty good on those terms
  5. I want a fresh install though. I've messed up my computer through the countless programs I've installed and then uninstalled.
  6. Ah, yeah, I've screwed my computer over with changes before, decided to do a fresh install myself last month. Good luck with all that data :eek:
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  7. Yeah... thanks xD
  8. Hey Cortana, Hey Cortana, Hey Cortana. Stop Googling websites and learn to close programs...
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  9. "hey.. cortana...... hey cortana.. hey-"
    "Searching for Courthouses near Heysham"
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  10. Get a Mac. Don't deal with sub-par software. *cough* Windows 8 *cough*
  11. I won't be able to get it on my PC until I'm off holiday... I'll want to confirm if it's better than Windows 7 first :rolleyes:
  12. I got the technical build a while ago, from my experiences with it, I really enjoy it. I want to see more apps being developed though and more active live tiles.
  13. Just saying, some people aren't fans of apple (Me). Besides, I actually liked windows 8... Problem with getting a Mac is you're talking to a gaming community... Sure, it works for minecraft, but how long will these players go before finding out they can't play a game because its only for windows...
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  14. You can always install windows.
  15. But at that point wouldn't it be easier for me to get a customized pc/laptop with windows?
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  17. I would upgrade but I'm keeping Windows 7 for now. Maybe when I buy a new PC I'll install Windows 10
  18. If it's pre-made (so from like PCWorld), then it'll almost certainly be Windows 10 unless you got one within the next few weeks.
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  19. Any new ones bought from them show a "Do you want to upgrade to Windows 10?" screen with yes or no buttons before you can even start setting them up.

    Source: Happened to me a few days ago
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  20. That's new. Normally places will try and get through their stock ASAP to bring in the new Windows machines.