Win FREE stuff! By posting!

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  1. 5 posts per player
    You may use alternative accounts.
    Post #30: Horse Egg
    Post #50: Five emerald
    Post #100: One diamond
    Post #125: Diamond Horse Armour
    Post #150: 500r
    Post #200: Mystery box!
    Post #250: Free Torch Supporter
    Post #260: 2 Silk Touch I Enchanted books
    Post #300: Emerald Block named '[playername] is cool!'
    Post #320: Mystery Box! ( chance of containing a iron support voucher!)

    More prizes soon! watch for them!
    (Mystery boxes are chest that have 10 slots filled with random items)
    (To find info about Torch Supporters come to /v 6236 and read the info right in front of you)
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  2. May wanna ask staff about this.. Something doesn't seem right..

    But idk

    Thread Approved
  3. eyyy let's start this off!
  4. Threads like this are considered spam I believe.
  5. Watch the spam when post 49 comes along
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  7. Oh, and, When a player claims their won prize (If their post lands on one of the mentioned numbers) Everyone who previously played gets 5 more posts allowed. If you win the previous prize, you only get 2 posts to use. If you go over your limit any wins will not count and the next valid person will win it instead.
    Thank you!
  8. Not sure if this is allowed
  9. I just want lots of posts on one of my threads. It makes me feel somewhat popular.
    I also wanna give things to people because it makes me feel kind (Which I am).
  10. Still extremely confused on what is a torch supporter and a building voucher...
  11. Make a forum game, those get really popular. Or try to setup a community event that meets front page requirements.
  12. Well... To start of with i doubt this thread is going to get 50 comments let alone 350. See comment above
  13. The best way to do that is not to feel popular but become popular by putting a lot of effort into a thread or a post that will be interesting to lots of people.
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  14. Torch supporter lets you go to extra places on my res, you also get a lounge and exclusive shop, which sell everything for 5r and under. Extra places includes Parkours.
  15. My posts also count. every single post does.
  16. when does this event end?
  17. It doesn't just feel like one; it is one.