WIN Burnout Paradise! Ultra Short Story Contest!

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  1. Hello Emperians!

    I come to you with a great contest, a story writing contest.

    The person who wins will get a copy of Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on steam!

    What do you have to do?
    Write an ultra short story (can also be one word) to describe why you should be the winner of this epic game!

    What do I need?
    A steam account & Steam installed

    When does this end?
    Exactly 24hours after RIGHT NOW ( 17august / 20:30 GMT+1)

    Good luck! May the most original entry win :D!
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  3. Pfft, I win because hurferdurfer1 has gloggles (glasses/goggles), and can never truly grasp the power! His gloggles tried to climb the mountain of victory, but only made it to the halfway point.
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  4. I hate pie.
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  5. Once upon a time there was a nascar racer The end
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  6. I actually have Burnout Paradise. My mom loves playing those types of racing games. :)
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  7. ACK! I'm a Sweetie_Pea, not a Sweetie_Pie... but how can someone hate pie? :eek:
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  8. When they love muffins instead ;)
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  9. I hate muffins. They ripped apart everything I ever was. Broke me down into the mess I am now. Muffins are criminals.
  10. Bumppehhh
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  11. Once there was a ugly barnacle, it was so ugly that everyone died, The End.
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  12. We do not hate, we wish to live in each other's security, due to this not being learned WW3 happened.
  13. Worlds shortest horror story; Monday.
  14. Bump.

    That's my story, "Bump"

    Another random entry, "potato"
  15. Where is the potato panda?
  16. I just want to write a story, I don't really want whatever game that is.

    One day, there was this, rock, I suppose. It wasn't much of anything, much like all of the other rocks I found. It sparkled like a star, but it seemed to be something created by the earth itself. I wondered, how can something so unearthly, so beautiful be created here, on this ugly planet?
  17. Once upon a time, there was a goofball. However, the username goofball was taken for minecraft. So this here goofball tries many, many times to come up with a name that has goofball in it, and isn't taken. Eventually, this player became "goofballbroker". This day, he decided to tell his story. He goes by "Goof" or "Goofball". He really wants the game in the OP, so he decided to type this.

  18. there once were two people. they loved each other. FIN
  19. Wat is dis liek a givway or somting? Wel her b my stori.

    der once wuz a supper flying cow wit powerz and stuffz. he wuz rly awsum and stuffz. One day he wuz walkin down teh rod and he sees a chiken wit super powerz.


    EDIT: AAAAND I get a ad for spell checking right after....
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  20. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    Love Leaves a memory no one can steal.
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