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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to talk to you about something really cool! So, I'm starting a new thing called "Free Prizes" were you can win a free prize. Every month, starting this month, 6 random people will be chosen to get a prize! There names will be in the thread. But remember, only forum members will be chosen! A staff member could be chosen! Anybody! Come down to smp2 /v +helloro to get your prize! It's inside the first house you see with the fences outside of it.

    Lucky Winners:
    Congratulations too......
    iamcavie [First Moderator to get a prize!]
    (The names have been chosen, but the prizes haven't come out yet. Please wait until February 16th to get your prize. Thank you!) - The Conversation will be made in February, not now.

    Prizes Coming 2/16/15
    -No prize coming in Jan.-

    Remember: Everyone only gets one prize!

    If you don't get your prize in one week, you don't get it at all!

  2. Sounds like fun :D
  3. How do you select the people who 'win'? This doesn't seem like true randomness at all...

    If you truly want to make it random, go to the bottom right of the Home page and look for "Forum Statistics." Take the amount of people it lists under "Members" and go to a website like Set the Max as the number of forum members (this will differ every week) and click "generate."

    Put that number into this URL: If that person has been active in the last three months/set amount of time, give them the prize.

    I did this as an example. I rolled the number 89275. Member #89,275 is Blazefoo, who hasn't been on since January. After rolling a few more times, I got "sharptadder," last active October 8th. This took a long time to do, but it's the only way I can see to offer true randomness.

    You could also have people sign up on a Google form and enter the people into the drawing that way. Create a form such as this one: and have people enter their name monthly.
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  4. Thanks
    Thanks! =)
  5. As long as I win, it's pretty random to me. :p
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  6. lol you only win once I hope you know
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  7. Hm, random, huh... :rolleyes:
    Well, thanks!
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  8. besides; ppl, we dont even know what we won ^.^ it could be a diamond but it can also be a flower.

    i think its cool, thx Kitty!
  9. sign me up
  10. Slightly dodgy that they are all well-know players not younger/less know ones
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  11. How exactly were these people determined?
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  13. Thanks for the cooked turkey promo!
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  14. so the people reset every mouth which means new people can win yes
  15. Yes. The People have been chosen, but the prizes haven't been set.
  16. The new people have been chosen!
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