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  1. All you have to do is post a caption to suit the screenshot below

    First prize - Ham Hacker
    Second place - Cooked Turkey
    Third place - 1000r

    To be judged by chickeneer, Bigdavie and Rainbowchin

    Competition ends Wed 10th Dec and winners announced shortly afterwards

    Edit : Maximum of 2 entries per player

    Good luck

    Toad V Turkey.jpg
  2. - The Battle against The Evil Chicken.
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  3. Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife. eviltoade is coming
  4. It's a turkey.
    I never knew turkeys could swim...
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  5. mmmh, this sword sure smells nice!
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  6. Fear no eviltoade the great superturkey is coming!
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  7. Hide yo turkeys, hide your chicks, ITS THE EVILTOAD!
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  8. Never fear super Turkey is here!
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  9. turkey, fly away while you still can
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  10. The super evil turkey toad UNITE!

    (Get it? Super turkey? Eviltoade?
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  11. Two types of people in the world: People who fight Super Turkeys, and those who go in at the last minute for the loot.
  12. The Super Turkey shan't prevail.
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  13. "'Hey...do you think ruthlessly beating these turkeys with swords until they taste death after a long period of time animal cruelty?' 'Nah.'"
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  14. 'To kill or not to kill this turkey - that is the question...
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to defend
    The heart and soul of this defenseless mob
    Or to take arms against this nefarious poultry
    And by its death become rich.'
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  15. Why did the chicken cross th- oh.
  16. Caught on camera, Chickeneer's cousin attacked by a Fan while going for a swim.
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  17. "I thought toades ate flys"
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  18. The epic fight of two golden entities...
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  19. Is that turkey runnin oh my gosh I better get off this computer before by brain explodes!
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  20. "No honey, we're not going to ask an employee. See? Here's the poultry aisle right here."

    "Because supermarket prices are just ridiculous."