Win a free supporter membership - April 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. I like it. i think Im going to try to get alot of people to join. >:D
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  2. Got enough referrals there Copher?
  3. No i don't have any all my freinds don't wanna join but im still trying!
  4. 939 users have gotten at least 1 referral each since the start of the contest. AMAZING! :D
    Current referal count: 1,237 original referrals. :D
  5. *Woot* Go copherfield! Over 30 recommendations!
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  6. Think so xD
  7. How about the number of registered members in the last month?
  8. Has this ended yet? Because I know it's May 1 EST.
  9. I am sure Justin will post who won soon. He probably is a bit busy with his family, so be patient, all will find out soon :)
  10. I am merely accessing information that you can retrieve on your own... I just do the arithmetic. :)
  11. Yup, i'm just asking because maybe there was some kind of exponential grow on the numbers just because of this contest (not only for the referrals) :)
  12. The contest has come to an end. Congratulations to everyone for doing such a great job! We had over 1,500 referrals this month, which goes to show this was a huge success and we will most likely do this and other contests again in the future.

    The following prizes were won and have been awarded:

    copherfield has won a diamond membership

    unsquarable and TonicThunder whom won a gold and iron membership respectively, decided to donate their winnings to players down the line in the contest. Due to their generosity:

    Cool5t0rybro has been awarded a gold membership


    Equinox_Boss has been awarded an iron memberhip

    Once again, thanks to everyone for making this contest a huge success!
  13. Thak you so much tonicthunder and unsquarable YOUR AWESOEM

    Tjax icc:)
  14. One of these should be done again soon, as it helped the Empire, players, and, well, everyone here. Plus, I need the Rupees from Diamond Supporter. In other words, I wanna win.
  15. They plan on doing this again, but with something other than referrals. (I think)
  16. That's what I was guessing, thanks anyways.
  17. This Forum says "This month we are launching a new monthly contest where we give away one month of Diamond, Gold, and Iron supporter memberships (first, second, and third place). Each month it will be a different contest, with the goal of attracting new members and expanding our presence in the Minecraft community." but it's June 14Th and there still hasn't been a new contest announced!?! Is it just because Justin has been gone for a while and hasn't been able to come up with a new one???
  18. First of all: Why is your print so tiny?!
    Secondly, zbalda i think its because Justin is busy with stuff and maintaining the servers and whatnot.
  19. Someone bumped an old, dead, month-old thread?

  20. Don't worry. We'll for sure have more things coming up. Just had a lot of life and Minecraft things going on recently. :)
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