Win a free supporter membership - April 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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    This month we are launching a new monthly contest where we give away one month of Diamond, Gold, and Iron supporter memberships (first, second, and third place). Each month it will be a different contest, with the goal of attracting new members and expanding our presence in the Minecraft community. For the first month we decided to do a referral contest, here are the details:

    • Starts: Now!
      • 1-Apr-2012 (no this is not an April fools)
    • Ends:
      • 30-Apr-2012 (midnight ET)
    • Contest:
    • Leaderboard:
    • First place prize:
      • One month Diamond supporter membership
    • Second place prize:
      • One month Gold supporter membership
    • Third place prize:
      • One month Iron supporter membership
    • Rules:
      • Referrals must use your referral link or enter your name during registration to receive credit, we will not manually give you credit if they don't do this so don't ask. Referrals received before this contest do not count, only referrals obtained in April count. Our referral system is setup to check IP's and we will be checking the winners referrals to make sure they are legit, you don't want to be the one caught cheating ;)

    If you win this contest and you are already supporter you will either be upgraded (if the prize is above your current level) or you will be refunded the prize value. So for example if you are a Gold supporter and win first place you will be upgraded to Diamond for one month. Or if you are a Diamond supporter and you win second place you would be refunded $10 from your last Diamond payment.
  2. One question, how do you make the referral for someone? Because I want to enter, but I have no idea on how to show how many people I've recomended. Also, FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. See this page for more information:
  4. I really wish I would have waited to invite some people until now lol. I had like six referrals when I first joined :p
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  5. Yeah sorry, but on the positive side you got like 3,000 rupees then!
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  6. oh, so I assume I can get my friends to register on the website and say that I told them about it. I hope that's what that means..............
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  7. Nice idea :)
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  8. Yeah that was a really good boost!
  9. Yes they MUST put your username in when joining (in the referral spot) or you won't get credit. If you use one of the links from that page it will auto fill that place with your name (even if they join days after clicking it).
  10. so did i!
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  11. I see, today there is only like 4 dudes with 1 refferal.
    Tomorrow: 1293y341231485712312 dudes with 1293127336 each
  12. What are referrals? :p
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  13. When someone joins because you told them to :)
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  14. Ah im hopeless in this one lol...My friends are all addicted to TF2.Glued to the screen.
  15. Don't worry, this is just this months contest, next month will prob be something different :)
  16. Sounds like a challenge.

    Will any emc page ending with " /landing?user= " properly credit the referral? or is the ref link limited to the main page?.
  17. I can't get anyone I know to play or look at minecraft, much less join a server. I am the only person I know personally that plays it. But then again I'm 30. Not a big crowd for video games in my area for that age group. But I am considering going gold anyhow:)
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  18. Good, I have an EMC sig on the MC forums. Step 2. Post in a million threads. :)
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  19. haha :) i remember sending an email to justin saying this would be A great idea.
  20. Right, but Justin, isnt this quite useless.

    Let's say I'd win Dia supp for one whole month. I've claimed my full amount of residences and built some epic stuff on it. After a month my supp status ends and all my hard building work will just vanish...

    I'm not gonna enter, i'll just wait for new payment methods to become a supp. Such as paying with paysafecard or anything that is within my reach to pay

    Nice contest! But the downsides are too big for me

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