Win a free supporter membership - April 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. When joining the website.
  2. You are credited when they join the website (you have to join the website before a server). However if you get a ton of referrals that join the website but never try to join a game server we may consider that suspicious...
  4. i just noticed all my friends accidentally put my bro's name i think :D LOL
  5. too bad, though. I imagine this is how it's gonna go the first few times:
    1st place: diamond supporter
    2nd place: diamond supporter
    3rd place: gold supporter +
    The sad part is, that is how it's gonna go, because some of these ppl are WAY too devoted:(
  6. Im not even gonna enter because I only know like 5 people who play minecraft who play on this server.
  7. That might not always be the case. I would think that some free members might be more likely to harass convince their friends to join EMC to win the contest than supporters. For one, the 500r bonus is great for free members, and supporters already have their guaranteed slot on the servers so a free month of supporter membership would provide that for the winning free member. It's just a matter of giving it some effort.

    And hey, even if you don't win, you'll have more friends to play with with and some extra rupees to boot!
  8. You Know For The Referral Contest Thingy, Can You Make A Video To Get More People Around The World To Join Or Not? How Will You Know If We Referred Them??
  9. Do past refferals count?
    If so, I have 2.
    • Starts: Now!
      • 1-Apr-2012 (no this is not an April fools)
    • Ends:
      • 30-Apr-2012 (midnight ET)
  10. awww only me and my best friend play mc and i already refered this site to him and got 500r :D
  11. You can do other things to attract people, like make an awesome video on YouTube with your referral link in it :)
  12. I need some competition guys , i'll give an extra 10k to the winner. ( 1st place ).
  13. lol ;)
  14. It feels bad to see already supporters at the top places :(
  15. copherfield i'm sure you can find a creative way to get referrals!
  16. Supporters have no advantage for the contest, it is a level playing field for everyone :)
  17. Note/tip to all ; Once someone clicks your referral link , your IGN will stay in the registration form until they clear their cookies. Even if they close their browsers and register later , it will count.
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  18. Yeah but i mean, this should be like an opportunity for people that hate pay pal or can't pay for it :/
  19. Yeah i can :)
    But that's not the actuall point.
    Even if i win if the 2nd or 3rd is for an already supporter then it would be like a bit unfair or something...
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