Win 25k easy...

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  1. All you have to do is solve this.....

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  2. That's part of a link, not an equation. :confused:
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  3. Nope
  4. The answer is 2.
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  5. Nope hehe
  6. Hint: It's an encrypted string ;)

    From first glance I'd say it looks like MD5 but that's just a wild guess ;)
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  7. MD5 is 128 bit, but only represented as a 32 character Hex string. this is 128 characters.
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  8. All I will say is its encrypted, and not that hard... I do this daily.
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  9. I believe I know what format it's "encrypted" in, but when I try to decrypt it I just get gibberish.
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  10. Its not gibberish lol
  11. This is what I'm getting.
    «¾çl“£V 'î8¯”7 -â¦þŽ„ðQOtó,ÊÛ\sëp, ‡$‹¡„$]ü0ïK“E¨¿€K•ê
    õ¿Ðbg ˜]2Ý»vÄ^n
  12. Nope.

    Maybe you using the wrong encryption?

    The results will make sense. .. it is ment to be a thinker lol.
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  13. :/ It's in a Base64 compatible format though... it's divisible by 4 and it's alphanumeric with + and /.
    This pretty much screams "I AM BASE64". I tried decoding it into a .txt, a .png, and just a string.
    None of them worked.
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  14. :confused::eek: u r all crazy this is insane I have absolutely no idea!
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  15. is it a secret code for a donut or something?...
  16. Why not find out?
  17. yall are dumb it's obviously 21 ;)
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  18. h2OhPBRT3TzLAHK21xz651wLAuHJIuhhCRd/DDvS5NFFqgOv4BLleoN0r/kojCd9YsztqqKDfW/0GJnIJhdMt27dh/EXm4KLkgm
  19. I don't think this has to do with ASCII right? :p
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  20. Passwordgen: 4ZTt2KRi
    MD5: d283e4026a3abd2b8432ee2986eedf7b
    MD4: 133e2a5bef8475a28366bff280913ecb

    All I got so far ;-;

    I used this:
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