Win 1.5 million rupees

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by fBuilderS, May 1, 2016.

  1. I got no chance xD
  2. I gave it my best... My best was not good enough :(
  3. *biker was so angry he teleported (somehow :p)*
  4. As you didn't sign in, did you get video footage?
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  5. I was just kidding, I didn't actually complete the level
  6. Shoulda mentioned, you have to complete the level before uploading so... :)
  7. *whispers* Is this even possible? D:
  8. Will you actually give out 3.5 million rupees?
  9. Yup
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  10. Best Minecraft Servers
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  11. That clickbait title though
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  12. can yo tactually complete this or?
  13. Dammit Krysyy...
  14. Yeah
  15. thats not the level is it? theres lots of unpurities n the bottom of the box, whereas the one on freerider has only one
  16. Why not show video proof? This is obviously photoshop or changed in some way to make it look like that :p
  17. Of course that's not real, the track is impossible.