Will Server Ever Get To 1.8?

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  1. I see that Empire will soon being allowing 1.8 to connect but will the ever be 1.8... I would really Like the slime blocks added, there fun to use. If anyone has any idea of when 1.8 might be happening on the server, please leave a reply. Thx :)
  2. I'm pretty sure it will :)
  3. We first need bukkit to update to 1.8 then Aikar needs to do somethings and we have 1.8 :p But seriously it's all up to Mojang on when the new version of bukkit comes out so It'll probably be a week or couple weeks, I really don't know =)
  4. Empire will update when it can update. Be patient.
    Also, Aikar's cat is really sick right now, so he has to deal with that before anything. Real life comes before EMC. Always
  5. What is this real life you speak of? Some sort of new biome in 1.8?

    In all seriousness, I think that was well said, and my heart goes out to Aikar.
  6. With Aikars cat being sick and all it would take some time to get it working
    Rember this isn't a small update its HUGE we got new mobs new blocks new commands and with all of that Aikar got to get working with all the custom coding so plz be patient
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  7. Eh? Are Aikar and the cat the same thing now or did I miss something?
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  8. Oh lol forgot cat "aikars cat" that's what I ment
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  9. wait which one of aikars cats? the demon or the angel?
  10. Max. Not sure which one he is.

    EMC uses spigot, so for emc to update spigot and or bukkit has to update also.
  11. spigots not really that much of an update tbh, bukkit is usually what holds us up
  12. It's Aikat, not Aikar's cat :D
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  13. We will update but I can pretty much say that I think it is going to take a few months... First off, Bukkit has to update and they can take a little while to do so, and after that, EMC will eventually update. There is a lot going on in both real life and with other updates for Aikar so just be patient and it will eventually get out there! :)
  14. Aikar said it'd take a few weeks :)
  15. Yes, a few weeks after Bukkit updates - so if Bukkit takes a month and EMC takes about a month, that's already two months :p It could take longer, but you're right, it could be straight out as planned :)
  16. aikar has done alot of preliminary updates so following bukkit it shouldnt take too long
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  17. Not really. The prelim was for name changes (UUID support) which still isnt even done 100% (We wouldn't lose track of a person but they would lose access to their res and shops if they changed names)

    But, First Bukkit has to update to 1.8, then spigot, then I will wait a week or 2 to let the bugs be fixed but i would at least prepare our code for 1.8 during this window.

    THEN We would update.

    But the biggest problem is, there might not ever be a 1.8 now... It's all out war in the development land and 1.8 might not ever be released.

    I'll save that discussion for the thread we have on it in Empire News
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  18. Well, I'm HOPING it comes out before October >.>
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  19. Erm, even if this drama wasn't going on, I wouldn't even count on that.

    It's going to take weeks to clear the drama, maybe months.

    It's possible if 1.8 does come out, it'll be next year.
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  20. ....... Well..... Guess this server will be stuck far behind for a while :(
    Really Want a trampoline.....