Will I lose my 2nd res if I unclaim it?

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  1. So I had a Gold supporter subscription, but now it has expired. While I had it, I claimed a second res on SMP1.

    Now I want to unclaim that res and claim a new one on SMP9. I know that SS can help you move it- but I don't want to because there's really nothing on it.

    If I unclaim the res, will it be permanently lost? Or will I still have a 2 res limit?
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  2. You'll permanently lose the residence if you unclaim it unless you were either a diamond supporter or you used a max res voucher.

    I'm pretty sure that the SS moving service requires you to have a spare residence slot too, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. You can easily check this for yourself by using the /res command. It it says 2/1 then you will indeed lose it, but if it says 2/2 then you can safely unclaim and get another residence somewhere else.

    Good question, I need to add this to my guide on 'what happens if your voucher runs out' :) Which you might want to check out as well since it'll explain exactly what's going to happen when... etc :)
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  4. My understanding is that if you have the 2 reses with a gold voucher, you keep em after it expires. Then, if for some reason you decide to unclaim a res, you lost the res slot until you upgrade again. This will be changing soonish though. :)