Wildness = Dump?

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Do you think Wildness should remake?

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Yes 14 vote(s) 43.8%
No 18 vote(s) 56.3%
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  1. As you see the live map(wildness) on SMP 1, all the tress, plants and resources that were near the spawn was nearly gone. This cause residence have to go further away from the spawn to mine and dig to collect resource. So my thought is OP make a new wildness for SMP 1, as well as for other SMP monthly. This will be much better for the residence. Thank you for seeing this.
  2. if you guys would take more care of the world you wouldn't have this problem
    honestly i think monthly resets is too fast and it should only be every 2-3 months IF not longer
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  3. If only you players would go farther for the resources you need instead of taking all the easy to get ones, the wilderness would still be fine. This has been mentioned in several other threads before. Players get lazy and just take the closest resources that are available instead of working to get what they need. If instead of strip-mining the wilderness you guys explored a ways and found a nice forest or something, the wild would be much nicer for everyone.

    And please, when you cut down a tree, plant a sapling where it was, that way you or another player can get a tree there again.
  4. The world goes on forever you just have to go out a little further. Also don't forget about the outpost system :)
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  5. I'll have to Agree with Slozon, as an explorer myself find my self discovering monster spawners and turning them in to mob traps or XP Grinders, for new ideas and to restock my shop, i have found this point being made multiple times on other threads even though it is a good solution in its self to reset then i wouldn't be very nice if all new discoveries where just gone... Another solution is just replant a tree whenever you chop it down, dont just take how much wood you need take the whole tree and replant it. See where im going with this? I would suggest maybe a reset over an extended period of time but i think a month is too short.
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  7. You must go further from the spawn to find resources. The problem lies in the fact that many players will dig to the bedrock directly outside of the protected spawn limits. This is the fault of the players and will not be addressed with resets at this time.
    You do have the option to purchase and sell resources in town...
    Get some saplings, lava and water and plant trees and build a cobble gen...
    You can then have multitudes of resources without leaving the comfort of home...
    Charcoal, logs, wood planks, sticks, cobble stone, stone....
    You then can sell these resources and use your money to buy better things for your project.
    Buy a few eggs, or a chicken... Now you have access to eggs, chickens, uncooked chicken, and feathers...
    You are limiting yourself by complaining and not using your resources properly...
    :) Go out there and try harder.
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  8. Well said.
  9. Yup, I did so. As well, I hired people to help me to plant saplings too. But it still seems to be the same.
  10. its more fun when you have to actually do something for resources instead of them just coming to you. And all you have to do is go to the north for the outposts and do your mining there.
  11. Yup, I gonna agree what all of you had said :D Thanks for the advice ^^ I went further away from spawn and found many stacks of diamonds! So ya, all of you have convince me alot~
  12. I reckon part of the game is having to adventure out further and further in order to obtain more resources. What fun would it be if all we had to do was travel 2 minutes to get what we needed. The wilderness SHOULD be reset but only about every 5 months. Any quicker and it would take alot of the fun out of the game.
  13. The wilderness should never reset. Many people have spent time and resources making houses, mob traps, and the Octahedron of Oblivion. If the wild resets, we will lose work and promote noobs simply digging to bedrock one block outside of the spawn. We can fix this. The Empire Helpers will begin work soon, hopefully, and if you can't find stuff near the spawn, GO FURTHER. There is always more. Resetting the wilderness makes everyone mad, except for noobs like you who can't walk twenty blocks without ducking back into the spawn to refill hunger. Resetting the wild wouldn't help, either. Within one day SMP3 was completely destroyed, as noobs took all the easily accessible sand to make glass. Resetting the wild every month wouldn't make it any less of a wasteland, would hinder the Empire Helpers work, and would destroy lots of hard work.

    This was not meant to be mean. I am simply pointing out that if people would walk for a while and then mine, we wouldn't have this problem. I regret some of this, but I will not delete it. What I have said deserves to be heard. Nature is not always an easy or nice thing.
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  14. Smp2's east spawn is great cuz there's nothing but water by that outpost, so all the lazy ppl go elsewhere... Lol except for a few ppl who made deep sea mining tubes right outside the red box...I wish I could pop a block on one of those occasionally to encourage them to go further away....:/ those pillars you guys put in the ocean are nice markers but at least make them LOOK nice and not an eye sore...make a lighthouse or something instead...
  15. I actually have come up with something new for this, and already tested it on smp3 and smp2. Instead of resetting the entire world, I have a new plugin I wrote that just regenerates the area around the spawn (back to what it was when the world was new). I don't know who saw smp3 but it was like almost to bedrock all the way around the spawn zone. The drawback to this is if you build within about 200 - 300 blocks of the protected spawn zone at some point it will be reset. I feel this is a better trade off than resetting the entire world.
  16. hmmm...i was wondering what you were doing the other day... I gotta say, i don't like it much. I don't build around the spawn point except for the bridges out of the general areas so you can get around a little bit better, but really resetting that area around the spawn just fuels them to not actually explore.

    If someone wants to harvest trees, gather some saplings, go to your town lot, plant, chop, repeat...the trees even generate more saplings than you would ever need in a short period of time...

    If you need cobble, go dig a hole in the ground, and you find cobble pretty close to the surface and there's a ton of it...no need to tear up the surface at all either. Just dig down till you hit stone and gather...Course there's always cobble generators too...

    It's all good for making it pretty again, but why not just spawn a single layer (or two or three) of dirt around the spawn point to make it flat again. If people want to dig a hole in the ground to get back at the cobble or whatever was under the surface, they can.

    My vote is don't support lazy players... if they want creative mode, let em go play creative mode.
  17. It actually doesn't reset it all the way to bed rock, it is smart enough just to reset the surface (a few layers deep so you dont fall to death just by hitting one block lol). So the deeper ores will not be reset using this method.
  18. can you set it to just always use dirt? that way if they try to be lazy they won't get anything but dirt?
  19. Hmm might be ok if it's just dirt. Not sand or trees...should be no need to get dirt there since we got loads of it in your town lot. If it replaces the sand and trees it'll only bandaid the problem I think cuz ppl will dig it back out.