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  1. Hey guy's I'm tired of the /wild and /nether being wasteland's, striped of all resources and having giant craters everwhere, I say, we band together and mass stock in dirt, saplings,and netherrack, I'd gladly be willing to donate for this, and I plan on starting by myself today, if you'd like to help just comment and say so. what we do is just fill in/cover all the craters and replant sapling's in /wild, and in /nether we place bridges of netherrack across the lava, so people can be guided far far away from the spawn, and gain resources easyer, just a tad of a walk, this will cause the wild not to have to reset as often and have people's residents in wild be reset, as I know that there is a couple, and they have a LOT of work put in them.
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  3. I'll Help, i have 4 Double Chests of Dirt we could use? i'm all for helping new players get to resources.
  4. great, thank you, my time zone is GMT -6:00 so I'm at school right now, I get out in 6 hours and 15 mins :p, so If you want, you can wait for me or start by yourself, right now were only trying to cover up the grief, not replant resources, but i hope that we can use like stone slabs to make a pathway from the end of spawn protection to the deep deep wild :D
  5. Seems like a Solid idea ill probably start getting my dirt from the bottom of my res while i wait for you to Come Back.
  6. sound good to me!

    and brennian why would you just comment a pointless message(spam) like that? do you wish to join? or are you just saying "hey"
  7. This is a great idea. I have lots of saplings I could give/sell on SMP2 and there is a way you could easily get lots of dirt. Get a new residence, mine out all the dirt, then reset it and repeat every day for infinite dirt. I will also gather dirt from my residence to help.
  8. sounds good, thanks yah!
  9. I'll be on maybe late tonight, and probably tomorrow aternoon-night, so I'll get you the dirt and saplings ASAP. Also, I'd love help you place the dirt/saplings/netherrack for any server, but especially my home server, SMP2.
  10. I live in smp2 aswell, its my main server, but the plans to start in smp2,smp1, then smp3 :)
  11. People have already done this. I do it from time to time when I have time on my hands. Thankyou for helping. The wilderness becomes a mess!
  12. yes, SOME people do it seperetly, but this is a GROUP, we can get more work done, faster, and cheaper if you think about it, you dont have to waste time and money when you can save some of both AND still help the worlds without hurting the economy
  13. I'd love to be a member of this group as well.
  14. Where to sign up?

    Only active at smp1...at the moment
  15. If someone catches me online I can donate 2 chests-full of dirt to the restoration project.
  16. Thats fine, we work on all servers, even utopia(but thats only if you have gold or diamond supporter) you just have to say you wanna join, and I will post a meeting time and a 3 day notice
  17. Sounds good, what server do you play mostly?
  18. I'll help, I can only do this during weekends, though.
  19. ill help, i have a ton of dirt at my shop