Why have you done this to me Empire!?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CallMeTom, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. This is just torture!

    Diamond in the protected zone. :(
  2. that happened to me before too! i raged :p
  3. hahahaha that sucks! im sure it will happen to me soon tho:eek:
  4. OMG!! Its soooooo funny!!
  5. That really sucks :S!
  6. THIS is why the protected spawn shouldn't include the entire chunk it's sitting on. >_<
  7. Then we'll get a floating island as spawn; more holes and retarded digging, great idea.:rolleyes:
  8. Better than being deprived of valuable resources, in my opinion.
  9. i hope you are kidding here
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  10. There have been plenty of players around that have run into this same instance. Something worthwhile having is right there in the wall, but the protection interferes. But, I am of the mindset that the usefulness of an object or situation is better than mere appearance. Judge it how you will.
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  11. i'm not worried about looks i'm worried about someone digging all the way around the safe zone making you have to fall to your death (since where you fall too is not a protected zone)
  12. Unless the person is a crazed griefer willing to hand-dig hundreds of blocks nonstop, which is quite unlikely, I highly doubt that will happen. Especially with the monthly resets. So, I doubt you really have anything to worry about if this comes through.
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  13. Yeah griefers are lazy sad people, they don't have energy like that, plus it would take me about 5 seconds to repair lol.
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  14. OUCH, didn't want to spark off an entire debate there... Oh well

    But it doesn't need to be griefers : many a player will prefer staying close to the spawn area to get basic materials (why risk your life for dirt and stone?? it's a rational choice). Multiply that by the dozens and dozens of server residents, and you get stuff like that :

    or that (in the original Wilderness, this was a sight to see))

    As you see, the combination of rational choices often leads to irrational results. Go further people if you want to dig.

    PS: I do reckon that the godly powers of our admins could fix the most extreme cases :)
  15. O M G ! Can't believe my eyes that was the original wilderness. That look like a nuclear strike or Post-Apocalypse world :eek::eek::eek:
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  16. try traversing that at night nmc, it FEELS like a Post-Apocalypse world.
  17. We should build big metro down there for shelter lol ( Metro2033 hahaha )
  18. Dude this looks like 1500 nukes hit there...
  19. Hey, who let the Alpha Strike on Empire Minecraft? Wait, you don't get the reference? This notable game.
    Yeah...I disdain the lazy people who can't get a boat and turn the Wilderness into...this.