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  1. As Legit and I have decided to get all the Wild Reach wild camps up and running again we diecided to make a new forum post, so here it is.


    Smp3 Wild Reach. The first Wild Reach camp it is good enough to be used but needs a bit of work done. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp3-wild-reach-the-original-wild-reach.19059/#post-449949

    Smp2 Wild Reach. The camp is in great condition and has farms for everything including xp.

    Smp9 Wild Reach. Largely undeveloped and tons of room for expansion.

    Smp8 Wild Reach. This camp once held the Wild camps but is now for the most part vacant. It is right next to a river with a desert on one side and taiga/forest on the other side.
    (No thread right now, I will be setting one up shortly)

    To apply to any of these camps fill out the application provided on the thread and Mrlegitislegit or I will accept you and add you to the pm.
  2. Went ahead and bumped the threads.