SMP3 Wild Reach, The original Wild Reach!

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  1. After being inactive for awhile, its now time to revive Wild Reach! (Please note, unless SMP# Wild Reach or Wild Reach Wild Camps is said, Wild Reach refers to the SMP3 camp.) Wild Reach is the biggest camp under Wild Reach Wild Camps. I can safely say, its probably one of the biggest applicated wild camps on EMC. It even has a little history, which I will share a bit of.

    One day, a few months a go, Mrlegitislegit decides to make a wild camp, after he had fun running his old one before the wild reset. So he searches to live map, and, like every camp since, finds a nice little spot near the West Outpost. He stays here by himself for awhile, and then, for some reason, Legit decides to join the Delta Squad. Copherfield comes to the camp, and builds a house. No one else from the Delta Squad ever comes, but Legit does invite his IRL friend, Dinosaur941, to come to the camp. Fast forward, and Copherfield leaves EMC. Legit makes the original SMP3 forum, and a player by the name of Pat2011 applies. Pat comes to the camp and soon enough, becomes co-owner. Soon, the camp has 15 people at it, along with 4 uninvited members. FAST FORWARD EVEN MORE, and Legit and Pat make the SMP2 camp, and SMP3 starts going inactive, and here we are now.

    I have just finished checking the camp, and it is still in good shape, no greifings. Now, for some pictures.

    *Main area.*

    *Nether fort*

    Now for the application

    Why do you want to join:
    Have you been banned:
    If yes, what for:
    Have you ever been part of a wild camp:
    Have you read the Guidebook:

    Wild Reach Wild Camps forum:
    GuideBook is on that forum.
  2. Why do you want to join: Because I like wild camps and think they are fun
    Have you been banned: Yes
    If yes, what for:For being one level too high off the scale of awesomeness(By the way I am kidding, I have never been banned)
    Have you ever been part of a wild camp: Many, many times.
    Have you read the Guidebook: No, but I will as soon as it is released.
  3. This is a great camp many fun times there. :)
  4. SMP3 also includes the Classy Camp! A glorified Skeleton Grinder that the location is only know by Legit and Pat. It also includes Pat's giant doomsday obsidian bunker.
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  5. The guidebook is on that link. Once you have read it, I will send you the cords. :)
  6. Read it, sounds like rules I would set myself. :)
  7. Sent you the cords. :)

    We have no current cap for applications at the moment, so apply before we do!
  8. One thing we would like is someone who is good with redstone. If you are, please apply. :)
  9. I remember my house there but I can't go back due to the fact that I use the town in that server :(
    Good luck legit!
  10. I just realised. This is the outpost I joined but have not journeyed to yet.
    And that will be me after 1.5
  11. I am posting to watch the thread and to keep track of it as I hope to join the Smp 2 Camp.
  12. Goals for the camp at this time.

    1. Work on Nether fort
    2. Find someone to set up a Blaze grinder
    3. Go back out to the camp (Went to town)

    Still looking for new members, apply now! :)
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  13. Why do you want to join: cuz i love wild camps.
    Have you been banned: no
    If yes, what for: no
    Have you ever been part of a wild camp: yes utopia wild community and a little bit LLO
    Have you read the Guidebook: yes
  14. I can come out and set up the blaze grinder like I said I would months ago. Just once the LLOlympics are over.
  15. We are still accepting members so bump!
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  16. Like I said in the other thread. I still haven't come out to the camp. Can you pm me the location again? Then I will come.
  17. Why do you want to join: I have wanted to join a wild reach camp for ages....
    Have you been banned: No
    If yes what for: N/A
    Have you ever been a part of a wild community:LLO, Sunstreak Islands and the more recent New Republic.
    Have you read the GuideBook:Yep
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  18. You should be good, I'll leave legit a reminder to add you to the conversation.
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  19. Accepted

    PM is full, i'll make another one.
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  20. Bump of reboot. :)