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  1. Hello EMC, I have started another wild camp on SMP2, and I am now making it public. At the moment, it is home to three others, not including me. They are Pat2011, who co-owns the camp, just like my SMP3 camp, SqiggleyJeff, and ImBobertRobert. Before I go on, here are some pictures.

    Beach area, my house, and Bobert's house in the background

    Pat's house and main wheat farm


    Jeff's house is in the ground, and is not seen in the pictures, sorry Jeff. :p

    The camp also includes a double zombie grinder, but if that's all you want to come and use, do not apply. Don't apply if you suffer from what I like to call, Every-thing-is-a-joke-itis. In other words, lets say you threaten to greif someone. They come and tell me, I ask you, and you say, "Lol, it was only a joke bro." As I cannot report you for greifing, I will report you for THREATENING to greif someone. So, if you take everything as a j0ke, leave this thread now.

    Now, for the application!

    Why do you want to join?
    What will you do to help us?
    Have you EVER been banned?
    If so, what for?

    That's all, and I hope to see some new people soon!
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  2. Taking three people at this time
  3. i want to join i can help in away way you want me 2 i have been kicked for spamming and a guy reported me for having smart moving which i did not i was jokeing and he reported me but i don't do that stuff anymore
  4. Why do you want to join? Because it sounds fun and has my favourite EMC members in it.
    What will you do to help us? Gather supplies... Make an epic house... Kill mobs
    Have you EVER been banned? Nope :)
    If so, what for?
  5. Did you read all of this?
  6. In, sending you the cords.
  7. Did you read the thread?
  8. Also, I will be setting up a removal system. If you are not at the camp for ten days, your house will be REMOVED at your expense. As long as notice is given, this is not greifing. The original three are not affected by this, as they have helped make the camp into what it is, so its a little perk for them. If you are going to be gone for ten days, please tell me, and your house will not be removed.
  9. Two more slots open!
  10. Hmm... Most Interesting

    Why do you want to join? Work, I want to keep myself... Employed
    in wild, in quite trustworthy and small settlement & what seems to have great potential

    What will you do to help us? well to be straight, probably nothing except the normal things.

    If wheat has grown - harvest & replant
    Mining if needed - gathering basic resources
    Animal ( reproduce, harvest )

    Have you EVER been banned? Gladly, i can say, i've never been banned

    If so, what for? -

    Extra Info:

    For i am loyal to anyone who is friendly & owns good Leadership Skills
    For i turn my back those who try to be Leaders but lack the ability
  11. Why do you want to join? I got a little bit bored on EMC, and i think this is fun! I'd like to live in the wild, its Minecraft + EMC = Epicness ;)

    What will you do to help us? Farmer, enchanter, builder, everything jou want me to do :)

    Have you EVER been banned? Nope

    If so, what for? -
  12. Why do you want to join? I think that bonding with other EMC members will help me get to know more and more about EMC!
    What will you do to help us? I will mine, plant/harvest wheat, chop wood/plant sapplings. Anything really.
    Have you EVER been banned? No i have not.
    If so, what for? -------
  13. Aw I'm too late. :'(
  14. We haven't been accepted, nor we do not know, will we be even accepted, we wait and see, might be that you get accepted instead of me, or maybe none of us gets accepted :>
  15. I will be nice, and let all three of you join!
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  16. i cant get cords i have a special keyboard i its not to much trouble can you make me there

  17. I don't think you got what I meant...
  18. than what did you mean
  19. I mean, you didn't get accepted.

    All spots are full for the time.
  20. but i was the first one!