wild griefing?

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  1. my outpost in the wild that Ive had since Ive joined darn near has been totally obliterated! Is there anything I can do?
  2. Make a report to a moderator, PM them on site, report any suspicious activity, any strange occurrences near your base, time frame over which it could have occurred, people who might have done it, the whole nine-yards, and they will look into it for you.
    Also, if you can give me a list of what you lost/had damaged, I'd be more than happy to help you replace it.
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  3. Got any details? Know anything at all that it could have been/who? I would suggest PMing staff on the matter, probably some senior staff so they can check any records. Beds help too, I believe if a bed was broken at your outpost, they can check that. I would run it over with staff, sorry I cannot be of much more help.
  4. to be honest I think it was a gentleman who hit on me and I blew off I cant remember his name but he had made a snide comment about hope I have fun fixing my base.. is there a chat log of some sort that would show who it was?
  5. Getting a mod to help you out. :)
  6. where would I find the report to staff option I have been searching for over an hour now lol and I believe everything is here because it looks as if all my supplies were then placed on the whole bridge to get there just have to remove it.
  7. There is a chat log that staff can view, usually if you can tell them who the player was. Perhaps if you could say the date, they could track who you had PMed on that day perhaps? Again, I would contact staff as soon as possible, and give the exact details that Netherworld suggested.
  8. Click a staff, the start a conversation.
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