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  1. This is just my opinion but in the Frontier there are many abandoned cabins and buildings that just stay there for a long time without use to it at all. It drives my crazy when there are ugly pillars everywhere that are abounded and just stay there and show there ugliness. So my suggestion would be to have a way to officially take them down. For example I would pm staff and they would check if the player is derelict or doesn't need the build/structure if they are derelict or don't need it anymore staff will respond to the pm and say you are allowed to officially take down the build. I would love this idea because there are so many ugly things in the frontier that no one uses and they just stay for a long long time.

  2. If you see giant pillars then it's usually alright to take them down as long as nothing else is around it and it clearly looks like it is random, not actually used to get anywhere... As for derelict buildings, I'm sure you can ask sr staff if you can take it down if you really want to but in most cases there's no harm in just walking past it and going further out. I'll watch the thread and see what other people think about it though :p
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  3. Pillars can be taken down without worry, as long as they're just that - random, one-wide pillars in the middle of nowhere.

    But I disagree. What you consider "ugly" and "abandoned" might just be active after all, and when a player comes back from being derelict they'd be in for a sad surprise when their base was destroyed.
  4. Just my opinion because were my outpost is there is this gigantic cube with no use to it. It looks abandoned but it is a rather large build.
  5. True, but you could do it with that players permission.
  6. Yeah, but how can you get permission if the player is derelict?
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  7. If they were derelict for a short period then they likely wouldn't be available for permission, though?

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  8. There is something called waiting....
  9. So if they never come back and no permission is given then the buildings will stay there?
  10. Yep
  11. So if only derelict players' buildings were removed, and you need permission from the player to remove them... something doesn't quite add up here. ;)

    You'd never be able to remove the building.

    Edit: Fendy, I'm really surprised you didn't point this out. :p
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  12. I didnt say that all derlect players builds were removed, It could be only the players who approve it
  13. Oopsie, was watching a GTA video that I was in :rolleyes:

    Anyway, yes - if you want to remove derelict players' builds but need their permission then none of them are actually going to get taken down and henceforth the idea isn't really going to work.
  14. I know, which is exactly why this idea wouldn't work. A player would need to come online to give permission, and in that case they'd no longer be derelict, so there wouldn't be a building to remove.
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  15. Via Forums...
  16. Just so we're clear: that cube is sitting on / in your outpost? Key question then becomes if this outpost is officially established or not.

    Because if it is and you're the founder then you have every right to remove structures which do not fit the scenery of the outpost. Obviously care needs to be taken, especially if you're dealing with active members (it's usually best to talk to them before just tearing down their work) but even so: you do have that right.

    However, if by 'outpost' you're merely referring to your non-official base then yeah, that could become an issue.
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  17. Its in the way to it
  18. Not all players come on to through the forums and many players have inactive forum accounts after they have made them so that wouldn't really work either.
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  19. Unpopular opinion here: if you know for sure that the building is abandoned (it was a member of your official/not official outpost, he left the game and you know he's not coming back, or something on those lines) and you really need that spot to build something else, then notify the staff and remove it. If you were right there won't be any problems with it, and if you were wrong... well its your fault, but you notified the staff and explained it all so hopefully you'll be fine.

    Much better than trying to ask permission to someone who's probably never coming back to the game or waiting for the staff to check the player's status and do their thing. Sorry staff members if this is against game rules, just my personal opinion.
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